I transformed into a giant ape and smashed everything in sight. then I got shot in the shoulder. I easily regenerated, and grabed the gun. I could have easily smashed it, but instead I used it like a bat and started hitting people with it. It was kind of fun at first, but then one of them pulled out a ninja sword.

   Now I know what your'e thinking, where would they get a ninja sword; I don't know, but they sure hurt when they slice yourr hand off, but I regenerated and turned back into a human. I'm pretty strong, but when there's ten or twenty people trying to kill you, it's kind of hard to hit your way out of it

   I punched the guy with the ninja sword in the face, grabbed the sword, and used it as a threat to get out. when I was in the courtyard, I transformed into an eagle and zipped out of there.

The End

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