Meanwhile, back at the House

   I woke up strapped to a bed. I couldn't move, and then I smelled it. Chemicals, it made me very twitchy. Then I tried to transform, and it didn't work. Then someone walked into the room. I looked up and saw her, my worst enemy. Catherine Brules. I've hated her since she took me away from my family when I was born. "Hello James," she said, "I've missed you very much."

     "Well that makes one of us," I said with as much steel in my voice I could muster up.

  "I need you to stop trying to transform; it's messing up our equipment." As soon as she said that I tried to transform, and the machines in the room went crazy.

    She walked out of the room when I had an idea. They had found most of my knives when I was captured; but I had one noone could find, it was also invisible, literally. It only becomes visible when I want it to. I took it out from under my sleeve and cut the strap and as soon as I did that I tried to transform. It worked.

The End

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