An average day in my life

Run, I thought to myself, Come on, you're faster than them! These were my thoughts as I was etting chased. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. My body turned slim and lean, my face elongated around the mouth, my teeth got longer and sharper, and I became more catlike. I turned around and roared. Then I shot toward them at 60 miles an hour. I had shapeshifted into a cheetah. They ran away, and by they, I mean the people at the House. After that, i changed back into a human, and walked away. Suddenly I heard a loud whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, and turned around to see a chopper with machine guns attatched to it flying towards me. That was the first time I tried turning into something that isn't real, a pheonix. A big one. I flew straight toward the chopper and tore off the first machine gun, then the second one, and then I took both of them and used my talons to pull the triggers. But of course, the kick was very strong, and i blew myself a hole in one wing. Then I started to fall, fast, way too fast. The ground was getting way too close, I changed back into myself just before I hit the ground. Then, just as I stood up, I felt something hit my neck. I realized it was a blowdart just as I passed out.

The End

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