Original draft:People are leaving,Because of tsunamis…….But Linda stays,because she loves her home land. What’s in store for this hard headed  26 year old woman?



Age: 26

Personality: Extrovert, hard headed



Age: 30

Personality: Snarky,Sarcastic,laid back





My name is Linda,it’s been 419 days since the asteroid hit the moon, There have been constant tsunamis hitting areas near me, I wonder if they will ever hit me, but for new news I got a signal from someone on the walkie-talkie, His name is Ross.


Day 341:

My name is Linda, it’s been 341 days since an asteroid hit the moon. Everyone has left the area, or I just haven’t seen anyone in awhile. I am recording these audio tapes on my walkie-talkie, if you have found them I have left the area or worse… The point is if you found these tapes I am probably long gone.


Day 401:

I saw a tsunami hit a part of the beach far away from me. That can’t be good.


Day 419:

There have been constant tsunamis hitting areas near me, I wonder if they will ever hit me, but for new news I got a signal from someone on the walkie-talkie, His name is Ross.


Day 419(earlier that day):

Nothing,nothing, and more nothing. Why are all these life-guard towers empty?!


What!?! Come in! There’s too much static!

Is someo---(static)-Th-re?(static)

Yes my name is Linda, There’s still too much static!

Ca--you hea--me now?

That’s better, But you’re still cutting in and out a lot

How about now?

Perfect, My name is Linda. Who are you?

My name is Ross.

Where are you?

I’m in some kind of boat shop with a dock, all the boats are gone though, where are you?

I’m set up in a lighthouse.

It’s getting late.

Can we talk tomorrow?

I don’t see why not.

Day 420:

Hello? Ross pick up your radio already, it’s 10 AM.

Sorry,just got back from scavenging a building nearby.

Well, I’m already scavenging for supplies in some fire watch towers nearby my lighthouse

Fire watch towers?

Yeah they’re in Bastrop State Park

They were added after the Bastrop County Complex fire burned almost all of it to the ground leaving only 50 acres

How do you know all of that?

I worked there in the summer once and my boss told me.

Speaking of that where were you when the moon was hit?

I was in the lighthouse cus it was a part-time job

But what about you

I was out with my friends, I just couldn’t believe what had happened

Me neither

*sounds of a bag being thrown onto something can be heard*

Well it’s getting late

I’ll talk to you tomorrow


Day 253:

Time: 6:43

….And eventually I came to the boat shop 2 days before I got you on the walkie talkie

Very Int- Wait what the… are those tsunamis pointed right at us?!

Wait What?!?

We need to get out of the area!!

No with how big they are we wouldn’t be able to get far enough away and we’d just be in more danger in the open.

So..we just wait and hope we survive?

That’s the only option.

…..oh god…


Day 255:

The tsunamis are getting really close…

Yeah..probably will hit tomorrow or the day after…

….are we going to die…?

I...I don’t know…

Day 258:

I haven’t looked out my window for 2 days now…

We’ve probably got another day…

I hope s--

*crashing,cracking,and breaking can be heard*

Oh no!!

I can make it...I can make it!!

Ross come in! Come In!!!

*Crashing and breaking can be heard*

Oh N--

*The tape ends there*


Day 259:

*the sounds of rubble and burning can be heard*

I-...I’m alive….how..?

Ross come in!!




He’s somewhere...I need to find him!


(later in the tape)

Maybe he’s in the boat house

*someone moving rubble can be heard*

He’s not here?!

Ross!! Come In!!


Ross!! Where are you!!!


The fire watch towers

(3 minutes later)

*climbing stairs can be heard*



*the walkie talkie is dropped*

(in the distance) I thought you were dead Ross

Same here

I don’t know how we lived and I don’t care

(The tape ends there)

The End

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