Disasters & Death (Ch. 6- 10

For These chapters I want to focus on the disasters we see happening in the book and talk about how the moon being closer would cause these. Let's start with flooding, this one is obvious, The moon controls the tides the closer the moon gets the higher high tides will be and the lower low tides will be. Moving on earthquakes could be triggered by the moon pulling tectonic plates as the earth spins and they could be pulled into each other and the earthquakes would cause the tsunamis because tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes. For volcanos, well the book explains itself, it says the moon is pulling magma and/or lava out of the volcano. As for the mosquitos with West Nile, well, ok yeah that makes no sense at all.

On the subject of volcanos, they might be the biggest threat. Now i'm not talking normal volcanos, no i'm talking about super volcanos. Super volcanos are huge volcanos that are alot stronger and have alot more magma than normal volcanos and a super volcano would have enough ash to cause an ice age. But I hear you saying "but Miranda and her family are probably nowhere near one of those" well sorry to say they are close to one and they even talked about it. Miranda's mom brings up a long inactive volcano in yellowstone park and the only volcano in yellowstone is a super volcano. If that volcano erupted there would be no hope left.

The End

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