its a funny point of view from a pumpkin on halloween

I've waited years for this moment, prepairing myself for the day I would be good enough to be harvested. They pick me up cut me free from the ground I once rose from my first sight of life, stories passed down, legends of Halloween. They carrie me to the truck where many others were I never was like other pumpkins I wanted to ve the one chosen to sitting gently on a porch to feel like I was excepted part of thier family.

Sitting in the store excited from people chattering about Halloween candy, costumes, and of course pumpkins. Every pumpkin getting picked up next to me but I remained. The day went on and nobody picked me up. The only reason they picked me up was to move me out of the way. I guess I wasnt like other pumpkins not as orange, not as round, or as big. A little girl ran and picked me up and ran to her mom. Her mom pointed at other pumpkins but she wanted me.

In the warm car driving to my new home, I felt excited I did not believe that people tortured us. Her house was partly decorated but was missing a pumpkin. When inside, htey got out sharp utensils and pumkin faces on paper. A shock of fear came threw me, I was the only pumpkin in the house what were the faces for. Goosebumps went down my back side as the mother cut a hugh hole in my head getting rid of my stem. Next I felt scraping inside my body and felt lighter adn lighter by the secounds. Also, they had the nerve to carve a smile on my face. So this was the torture, not being able to do anything while they sent severe pain threw me. I cant believe I thought they wanted me.

Unfortunatly, they kicked me out of the house, still alive of course. The little girl laughed with excitment, I did not know how you could find torture funny. I had my dignity taken away, (more like ripped up in front of me) a fake face carved into my face, and the remainder of my head put back on top with a blistering candle inside my body. This had not been what I was excpecting, there was no love, no caring. I wish I was back at the store but too late for that I would be rotten soon.

The End

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