A Rogue Melanie Marauds The RooftopMature

            Melanie tucked her braids behind her ears, as the wind attempted to obscure her view with them. It was a cold wind, unforgivingly so. Darkness lay black in every shadow of the dormitory roof.

            The press conference on the eleven o'clock news said a ransom letter had been delivered by express from Canada. Just north of here. Melanie kept walking across the grainy, flat rooftop. I wish I'd brought a coat. But I do this - for Brittany. If she's still here. And that's just a distraction.

            And then, Melanie heard familiar voices upon the wind. She could barely make out what they were saying.

            "He did this, Joe? Really? I mean, Mal has always been a little too fond of you. But - taking me out of the picture? And... eughh, that's just gross, what he did to you."

            "Emmhmm," came the response.

            Melanie rounded a corner, and saw them upon a vent. Brittany was seated, resting her back against the warm metal, as steam came out from behind her. And she saw a naked man crouched below, his head between her legs. Joseph.

            No, Mal would never. He's lying, again. How can she believe that creep, after what he did to her? Melanie remembered the day Brittany came to her room and cried, for hours, after the rape. And now she's opened her legs for him. Ughh, this is sickening.

            She reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out a slender stick, still green with a leaf as if it was alive. And she aimed it at Joe, as the two had not seen her yet. Melanie looked like someone out of a best-selling children's fiction novel. A veritable teenage witch.

            And then, the vines grappled Joe's legs. They held his naked body upside-down over the rooftop. Brittany had been moaning in pleasure, but now opened her eyes, as Joe no longer licked at her.

            "He's lying, Brittany." Mal would never. His intentions are far more noble than that.

            A drop of blood fell, in the wind.

The End

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