The Exorcisms of a Decade PastMature

    "And then," Greg said. "What happened then?"

    "Thomas couldn't do it," Veronica sighed. "He couldn't fix anything. He was arrested and tried, and I think, taken off to an asylum somewhere. Greg, no one believed either of us and I couldn't blame them for it as I could hardly believe it myself. Thomas just stopped talking - went kind of catatonic for a while - hence the asylum. But I knew that thing was still around. Either in Thomas, biding its time, or elsewhere."

    "I had to do something and there was no one to help. I checked out the Internet. Christ, I practically lived in that goddam library! I read up everything I could find, everywhere. I finally went down to the Church." She broke off and frowned at him. "Hey, do you know a Julia Fenton? You have the same last name."

    "I should hope I do; she's my wife! How do you know her?"

    "She's the one did it. Did the exorcism. She even went to see Thomas! If she's your wife how is it you don't know any of this? It was kind of a big deal!"

    "We have a deal not to discuss work," Greg shrugged. "Work and home should be separate don't you think? We try to keep it that way. So why didn't it work?"

    "That's just it - we thought it had worked. Somehow that demon must have gotten into Joe Tayna. Who knows how. Maybe what we did made it weak for a while. I don't know Greg, I just don't know! I finished school and went to college and just tried to forget about it. This always has been a weird town; I was happy to be away from it."

    "That's it? You swear now?"

    "I swear. That's all I know."

    "Well, it seems to me - shit I'm still having trouble with this! - we need to see Julia. If she's the only one who can get rid of it than we need to get her to do it asap! And, fucking hell! That succubus, demon, whatever the hell it is, it will have thought of that too, won't it? Veronica, I have to go! I think Julia might be in danger. I can't radio and get some backup; they'll think I've gone nuts. They may be right, but I have to go. Are you going to come? Or stay here? Ordinarily I would advise you to stay here, but I can't see how anyplace is safe and you've had experience of this before."

    "I'm coming," Veronica said. She stood up, pale but with her shoulders set and determination in her expression. "So, Officer Fenton, we going?"

    "We're going."



The End

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