The ExorcistMature

            A woman and a man sat in red satin chairs, in the office of an old church. The shabby arm chairs looked rather burlesque, and had probably been donated to the church, used. Somehow, they managed to match the light blue walls of the office.

            "Gone, you say?", the woman asked.

            "Yes, that thing that was inside me. This," the man said as he took a piece of paper out of his briefcase and placed it on the side-table between their chairs.

            She sat up and leaned over the paper. It was a charcoal sketch, the bust of a scary-looking feminine monster. It had gnashing teeth, and a contorted face that would otherwise have been beautiful. And its shoulders held up the torn remains of a gaudy brazier. The lacy kind from Victoria's Secret or some such store. The monster seemed to be in agony.

            "A succubus, Reverend Fenton. I think we drove it away with my vow of celibacy."

            "It's nice to know that you can put a name and a face to that creature now, Thomas," the minister replied, "But it would be nice to know where it went. Or should I say, to whom it went?"

            "Well, no offense, but I don't care! I'm free of it. Been single too long. The psych ward was unkind to me, and this vow is just - well, unnecessary now."

            "Darn, I thought I'd have to do an exorcism today. Well, I'll see you at the pot luck dinner tonight, right?"

            Thomas nodded, "Yes, Rev."

            And with that, the man left the minister's office, closing the door behind him. The sign on the door, 'Reverend Julia Fenton' fell to the side, one screw loose.

The End

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