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    "There's more going on here," Veronica said. Greg sat down beside her, his shoulders slumped, and rubbed his face roughly with his hand. He shuddered, and she knew he still felt it, the revulsion at that overriding presence in his mind.

    "Go on," he said. "Tell me. It sure as hell can't be any stranger than what just happened. I feel like I should wake up. I've never known anything like this."

    They sat together on the crumpled, stained sheets, in silence for a moment while Veronica tried to collect her thoughts. When had it started?

    "When I was sixteen," she said. "I had a room in this block, just down the hall. There was a girl I shared with. Her name was Becky. I didn't like sharing with her, I did ask to move only they said I would have to wait. So there I was, stuck."

    "She had a boyfriend, this older guy called Thomas, and she'd sneak him into the dorms after curfew. God, the nights I had to lie there listening to the two of them fuck! I'd listen to my music, anything to blot it out. She used to yelp, like a cat when you stand on its tail, and he'd grunt. God, it was awful. And he was ugly as anything. Thin and pale except he had this belly that stuck out."

    "I would have complained. I would have said something, even though the last thing you need in this school is a reputation for squealing, but she sneaked my stuff and so she knew things about me, you know, that I didn't want my parents finding out."

    "So, they liked to play games. He'd tie her up, she'd tie him up. They'd go on for hours, for as long as he could still get it up and I may as well have been invisible for all the attention they paid me. Anyway, the games got rougher and weirder. I didn't like to watch, but these rooms are small, I couldn't get away from it. They had books and toys, not like the things you see in a store, these were hardcore."

    "So they called a demon. A succubus. They drew lines all over the bed and did some other stuff, I never saw all of it. And it would come, and ride them and he could keep it up then, fucking hell! They'd both change. At first they were in control I think, but then one night."

    "I was trying to sleep. I had my music on pretty high to cut out the noise of the two of them going at it. Then a shout came up and over the music and I could smell burning. I turned and I tell you I would have screamed only somehow I couldn't get a sound out. There he was, fucking her, and he changed, worse than anything I've seen. He was pumping and pumping, that white ass flashing up and down. She was in the wheelbarrow position, her legs up and her head was hitting the wall, just thumping it gently. She hadn't seen him change, go all scaly and cracked but she started screaming and I could see this thing was doing something inside of her."

    "The monster he'd become just carried on, rougher and rougher and her head was smashing hard against the wall now. She was scrambling at the pillows, trying to stop herself, pushing at the bed and screaming so loud I could hear it had woken people up. Doors were slamming outside and I could hear shouts, someone calling for the warden. The wall was turning red. Her skull was hitting it, flecks of blood spattered, thicker and darker and still he kept on. The stain on the pillow grew, like ink spreading, blood pooled. She was moaning now, her arms spasmed and jittered and I couldn't move, just had to sit there and watch that blood spread."

    "When she went still the creature turned and stared at me, and it smiled. It dropped her corpse, her head a mess of blood and bone and tissue showing through - the gray of her brain."

    "That was when they broke the door down. And suddenly the creature was gone. Thomas was just Thomas again. I saw it go Greg, a tremble in the air, a shade they loosed. I saw it go, but it never went far."






The End

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