Claude Vossian Gets His Act TogetherMature

            Time to get my act together! And with a final laugh of glee, Joe Tayna left the room through the dormitory's secondary exit. It led to a shared en-suite bathroom, connected by three other doors to three other dormitories. And with three clicks, each door locked, without even having been touched. Joe sat on the toilet, lid down, taking it all in through Mal's eyes.

            The door into the dormitory closed with a slam, the now-half-naked body of Eve Brooks pushed against it. And from afar, he observed the physical feelings of his roommate, Malcolm Larsson, and the arriviste, Eve Brooks. However, he ignored their thoughts and emotions. They were trivial to him. Pushing them to the back of his own mind, he relished their senses. And only their senses.

            I don't want to do this! a thought roared in the back of Joe's mind. It pierced his concentration, I can't do this! It sickens me, Joe! Stop! I hate women! Their bodies repulse me, Joe! Stop it, I want to be with you! With you, Joe!

            And the feelings of ecstasy and vulnerability were interrupted, as Malcolm withdrew from his carnal actions. He was red-faced, and his face was twisted in an angry scowl, "I won't do it, Joe!"

            Eve moved her hands down to his lower back, and pushed him closer, smiling gently, "Now now, let me interrogate you fully, Mal."

            "No, Joe!" he screamed at the detective. His legs trembled, not in rhythmic lust but in a battle for control, "Do not make her your puppet or your mouthpiece!"

            And her body fell, limp, to the base of the door. She gasped for air, her throat tight.

            A man stepped out of the bathroom's open doorway. His nose, prosthetic and sharp, was convincing. And his hair, a well-kept wig, had an air of showmanship. He wore a suit. The suit, which had been stashed below the bathroom vanity under lock and key, was that of a magician.

            In realization, Eve Brooks regained control of her respiratory system. Finally she took in air, and screamed, "You did this, Joseph Tayna! You made her disappear!"

            Joe grinned, and took on a subtle, eccentric accent, "Yes, I, Claude Vossian, and I, Joseph Tayna, made that bitch disappear. I admit, I was surprised when it actually worked."

            Eve Brooks' sneered, full of hatred, unable to stand up from where she lay.

            "The name on your fake ID from the night at the bar," Mal intoned.

            "Very clever, my friend." Joe said, as he began to pull something out of his sleeve. I must get my act together, here and now.

            Mal, however, had been looking around their shared room for something convenient. He spotted it, in the corner near his bedpost. Slowly, he back towards it. In the corner, resting against the wall, was a baseball bat. Masking tape ran across it, with a name in permanent marker 'M. LARSSON'.

            Meanwhile, Joe had been pulling an obscenely large plastic cloth out of his seemingly empty sleeve. And, as Eve Brooks tried to choke a final word, he draped it over her.

            Mal, now in full control of his own self due to a clash of sexuality, cautiously stretched a hand towards the bat. He clenched the handle, while Joe was distracted. Hiding it behind his leg, he walked forward to see what kind of strange trick his friend was doing.

            "Abra," Joseph Tayna began, "Kadabra," he paused, letting the cloth fall over her entire body, "Alaka--"

            "Nooo!" Mal yelled, swinging the bat with all his strength. Realizing it was likely another disappearing act, he acted out of haste.

            The impact hit Joseph Tayna in the neck, sending his crouched body toppling onto the bare carpet with a few droplets of blood. And, where his hands had been firmly holding the cloth, it pulled away.

            Where the cloth had been covering the body of Eve Brooks, there was nothing. Bare carpet, the bottom edge of a door, and a piece of crumpled duct tape. Somewhere, to the north, she was now lying in a gray hammock within the delivery van of Chef Eddie's Pizzeria.

            Mal stared down at his roommate's unconscious body, "Damn it. He got his act together too fast for me."

            Drool fell from the lips of Joe Tayna. Where am I? Where are my connections? Why have I lost control? The fence was about to give way! Damn, damn, damn! Wait - that voice! Mal! I can hear. Yes, I am alive... hearing is the last sense my brother lost before he died.

            "Well, Claude, I think you've got another act to perform," Mal said, with a boyish grin, as he hoisted Joe's body onto his bed. The baseball bat fell to the floor with a clang.

            No, he wouldn't dare! I'll lose it all! This is my curse to bear, Mal! Don't! Joe could hear the magician's vest unbuttoning, though he could not feel or see it happening. And it scared him. He did not enjoy being powerless. I must be in control!

            Mal slid the dark, formal pants down to the knees, and pushed the hair legs up, over the open chest, exposing Joe. In the dim light of the dorm room, every light hair on Joe's body shone.


            Malcolm moved a skinny, skeletal hand to Joe's face. He traced the contours of his roommates face, and settled his fingers delicately upon his face, his palm feeling the fragile lips. Gently, he plucked the rubber nose off, and then the false ears.

            And, his hearing gaining clarity, Joseph knew what was happening. And he knew, though his part of the magical ride would soon pass to another, justice was not near. You can steal this from me, but you will regret it. You will regret it, Mal. Very much. Very much so.

            Having placed the fake pieces of flesh on the table at the head of his bead, Mal's hands moved to the wig. He leaned in, and whispered, "Very much so, I want to see the real man here, Claude." Very much.

            You will regret satiating the fantasies I wove in your mind.

            Mal lifted the light-weight top hat from upon the wig, and set it upon the floor gracefully. Mal moved back, leaning over the bed, to gently take the wig off, savoring every moment of the eventful night. He did not notice as the hat tipped over, and a large white rabbit uncomfortably squeezed out.

            The rabbit hopped, quietly, to the other side of the room. At the base of a bookshelf, she began grabbing books. She nudged them, with her head, towards the desk and its chair. The phone! I must get at the phone.

            Mal, too distracted to pay attention to what was going on behind him, stroked Joe's bare face with tender hands. He was leaning over Joe's body, careful to support his weight so that his friend could breathe.

            A colorful staircase of books had been built, by furry paws, leading up to the top of the chair. Now, the rabbit, red eyes glinting mischievously, was nudging yet another book up onto the top of the chair. It hit the base of the chair with a thump. Shit! Lost my grip.

            Mal looked over, and assumed the book had fallen from the desk. And thus, he resumed undressing the magician's body. His hands examined the most curious garment, the magician's coat. He reached into its pocket and pulled out an unending strand of solid, one-color kerchiefs tied to each other in a repeating rainbow. He smiled with the ideas it gave him. And when he realized the appropriate rainbow symbolism, he laughed aloud.

            Joe, hearing the incessant laughter with both his own ears and those of the rabbit, knew things were not good. The rabbit looked over, from where she stood upon three books, upon the chair, in front of the desk, upon the carpet, in the dorm room.

            The coat fell to the floor, pockets now empty, as Malcolm Larsson tied Joseph Tayna between the bedposts of his dorm room bed. Each arm and leg was bound with a pair of the colored kerchiefs.

            C'mon, you're the only thing I have the power to control right now! The rabbit made a big leap, from the stack of five books on the chair, onto the desk top. Barely making it, she clung her claws into the wood and swung its hind legs up, trying to grab on. Finally, she pulled herself up with the grating sound of tiny clawed feet upon furnished wood.

            Mal turned at the sound, and recognized what he assumed was his own pet rabbit. He grinned, sheepishly, "Oh, Cottontail, did you climb up there for a better view of my performance?"

            No, you fucktard! The rabbit twitched her nose, innocently.

            Mal stood over the now shirtless Joe, and grabbed the edges of his boxers. Then he leaned in close, and began to whisper in Joe's left ear, "The love that dare not speak its name!"

            You dare quote Oscar Wilde to me! The rabbit turned angrily, knocking the mobile phone off the charger. And, at that moment, Joe's eyes flung open. They were a darkened black, like obsidian orbs. There was no white in them, except the partially nude bodies they reflected.

            Mal felt tension upon his fingers, as the waistband of Joe's boxers tightened under pressure. He's stiffer! And so am I!

            Joe's face hung limply to the side, drooling again, The blow paralyzed me! Shit!

            The rabbit hopped onto the chair, and then gracefully down the stairs and over to the phone. It waited. I can salvage this moment! I refuse to let you leech away my powers, the way I stole them from another long ago! You will not rape me, Malcolm Larsson! You will not!

            The red silk boxers fell to the floor.

            You will not!

            Malcolm stared smugly into the disturbing black eyes of Joseph. He grinned, "What shall I do with this extra line of kerchiefs?"

            No! He felt the pain, as it strangled his loins, pinching his skin with colourful softness. Like a snake, the rainbow of cloths wound its way around his erection.

            The rabbit covered its eyes with its paws, as it stood by the phone.

            And, gracefully, Mal knotted it. Then, he walked over to the bathroom. He returned with a tub of vaseline. And then something invaded his mind, as he began to thrust.


            He kept going, returning to the bed and grazing a hand along the underside of Joe's leg.

            You will regret this, Mal!

            "No, you'll regret this, Joe!" Mal sneered, as he improvised a random rhythm, legs moving about with oppressive force.

            You'll summon the demon if you do that! The rabbit's leg thumped nervously upon the desk, as if it were a wild rabbit sensing a predator in the woods.

            "Demon?" Mal laughed, thrusting harder. "The only demon here is my lust for you, Joe."

            No, Mal! No... it's not what you think. Stop what you're doing. Now.

            Mal felt every sensation deepen, his body becoming extra sensitive. He loved hearing Joe, in his mind, begging him to stop.

            Black tears welled from Joe's eyes.

            "Uuugh, you're so damn, daaaamn tight, Joe."

            The rabbit blinked, its ruby eyes. It knew the predator was coming. And Joe, too, knew. The predator was coming. And with a raised paw, she began to dial.

            "Christ, Joe, you're better than any god damn fleshlight!" Mal exclaimed, as he kept moving in an odd pattern of thrusts. "You caught me with that thing a week ago. And that's when you thought you could use your magic to seduce me, eh?"

            Joe tried to fight Mal's thoughts. He tried to project a visual, the naked, shapely form of a woman, and it looked rather like Brittany. However, it did nothing to diminish Mal's lust.

            "Stop your damn party tricks, Claude," Mal paused and looked down at the black tears that fell down Joe's cheeks, "It's time you got the real act together!"

            Get off me, you pervert! The rabbit, having made its call, tugged the rubber-tipped antenna of the phone. Slowly, it carried the phone over to the side of the bed.

            "You're one to talk! Uuuugh, oh, Joe, that feels so fuckin' awesome! You fucking pervert, take it!"

            You ignorant moron, that was the demon! The whole reason I can do what I can do.

            "You expect me to believe that bullshit? You're just like me. You want it. And you get it. Now, take it!"

            Fine then. Fuck me. As hard as you can, Mal. I love that feeling. Josh was lying. He could not feel anything, apart from the taste of rubber in a rabbit's mouth. His sight was blackened.

            "Alright, I will." His legs began to move faster.

            Fuck me, Malcolm. Tell me I'm your bitch. Joe telepathized, Yell sweet nothings to me.

            The phone lay on the floor, between the bed side and a furry, white rabbit. A name was on the pixelated screen of the mobile phone, Agent Nadine LaFleur (cell).

            "You're my bitch now, Joseph Tayna. I'll do - uuugh! - I-I'll d-do to you what you did to Brittany. And then you'll disappear."

            Tell me more. Joe projected, Until it's too late.

            "You're my cockslut, Joe. Uuuughhy-y-you always will be."

            Oh, Mal, c'mon. You can do better than that!

            After a few minutes. Blood dripped from Joe's sodomized orifice.

            "Uuuugh," Mal groaned.

            And then, piercing the moment of Mal's greatest pleasure, a cackle came from Joe's lips in a woman's voice.

            Damn it! He finished before Nadine got here! Now we're all screwed!

            And Joseph Tayna's body grew dark. The skin turned gray, with violet undertones. And his bone structure shifted. His chest convulsed under Mal.

            "What the fuck!?"

            You idiot. The rabbit scampered off, to hide in the bathroom. And it passed a cage, with an identical rabbit inside, at the foot of Joe's bed.

            Where Joe's body had been, there was a horned demonic woman. She smiled up at Mal's disgusted face. And then she looked down, awkwardly, "Please remove that from my rectum."

            Mal stared, uncomprehending.

            She pushed Josh off the bed with terrible force. He landed on the carpet, upon the cloth that had made Eve Brooks disappear. Grinning, she stood over him, scantily clad in torn rags that barely covered her body. The rags looked faintly colored, as if they had once been what had been tied around Joe's erect penis.

            "Wha-wh-what are you?"

            "A symbiote, of sorts. But you petty humans just call be a succubus, or a demon - degrading terms, really."

            "What do you want?"

            "I want to be you, Malcolm Larsson. To be you." And then, a translucent silhouette of her moved out of her body and into his, like a ghost.

            "Y-y-you what?" he asked. But it was too late. "You're me?" Yes, I am. We are one.

            The demon's body fell to the floor, as it convulsed again, returning to the shape of Joseph Tayna. The black tears were gone. And, somehow, the paralyzing injury to his neck was gone.

            The rabbit, in the bathroom, disappeared in a cloud of fluffy smoke. And as the fluff fell to the tiled floor in front of the toilet, it disintegrated.

            Joseph Tayna looked up in horror at the twisted grin on Mal's face. I've lost my evil, but not my powers. However, she has gained strength. Damn!

            A series of knocks came at the door, from yet another employee of the government. Nadine LaFleur was in search of answers, "I got a call from a student locked out of his en-suite bathroom, claiming he was locked out and that he could hear 'erotic' shouts from behind it."

            Joseph and Mal stood, both unsure of what to do, as Agent Nadine kept knocking. My powers are drained, and he's not sure how to use his yet! We're done for!

            "This is your final warning, boys. This is Agent Nadine LaFleur, open up! I urgently need to speak to you about Brittany Sanderson, and the phone call you're still sending my cell."

            Another few impatient knocks.

            "Is everything okay in there?"

            Mal looked at the phone on the floor.

            Joe whispered softly, "Claude Vossian got his act together, Mal."

            "Put your pants on, boys, I'm coming in," Nadine warned.

            Mal's face contorted into a demonic grimace, seething angrily with rage as the door clicked open.

            A quintet of chains, of tied kerchiefs, as ominous rainbows, hung from Joseph Tayna's arms, legs and loins like cuffs, shackles and devilish leash. Claude Vossian got his act together indeed.

The End

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