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            The night was cold, and a wind tormented the inhabitants of Sault St. Marie, Ontario, that were still out for a walk along the edge of the St. Mary's River. It connected Lake Superior and Lake Huron, and was lined with paved walkways, tourist information boards, marinas and restaurants. And, at the end of the walkways, the water's edge fenced off, the river was partially dammed by a hydro-electric plant. At its base, the water churned as if some great mythical leviathan lay underneath; churning the waters as it thrashed around, infinitely preying upon the dark waters.

            A waitress, in uniform, walked towards two men and a young woman. And not only was she still in her uniform, despite being off duty, she still acted like she was on duty. She brought them a cardboard cup-holder tray, each holder containing an ice cream cone.

            "Here you go, Andy," she said politely, as she handed him a regular cone of chocolate softserve ice cream. Then, she walked over to Eddie, "One softserve swirl dip."

            "Thanks, my dear," Eddie took the second cone from her. Half was chocolate and half was vanilla. A shade in between, hardened caramel crowned the tip where the cone had been dipped, ice cream first, into sauce.

            The tray had two cones left. A vanilla softserve cone dipped in chocolate sauce, and a strawberry softserve waffle cone. The waitress moved her hand towards the pink one, looking at Brittany.

            "I ordered the dipped one," Brittany corrected her. Chocolate dipped, always my favourite... and, yes, Joe's favourite.

            "I'm sorry, it just looked so good I thought I'd save it for myself," the waitress paused, licking her lips, "Right-oh, my darling."

            Brittany stood as the waitress was frozen in indecision.

            "I'm sorry, I'm just not myself tonight."

            "Yes," Brittany mused, teeth chattering in the wind, "I do f-feel rather... not-t myself. B-but hopefully a nice s-swim t-t-tomorrow morning will c-c-c-clear that up."

            "Well, Brittany's dip. Here it is," the waitress announced, handing her the cone with a tone of reluctance. And then she picked up the waffle cone of pink ice cream for herself. A drip fell onto her nametag, 'Jolene'.

            "No," Eddie interjected, "You, my dear, will get the dip tonight."

            The others laughed, and Eddie stopped in his tracks. They had reached the power plant, and an iron fence rose before them. He turned to face them, "Well, we'll let you finish your ice cream, Jolene, before you go for a swim."

            She smiled, with a wink, her lips light pink with smears of ice cream.

            The water near the plant turned in on itself, bubbling ominously.

            "You know, Eddie, there's something I've always wanted to do before I die."

            Andy and Brittany took this opportunity to sit down at an empty picnic table nearby, and finish their ice creams.

            Eddie grinned, knowing from the waitress's tone where she was going with things.

            She approached him, tugging him closer by the loop of his belt, and then unbuckled it with a single-handed dexterous gesture. To her delight, and despite his age, he responded to her actions accordingly. And then, her other hand came down, and the large waffle cone splattered against his genitals.

            "Uuugh," Eddie groaned, as she began to unbutton his shirt in the middle of a public place, cold pink droplets dripping down his scrotum.

            "I like a man who's in shape," she said, running a sticky hand down his chest. "But let me finish my ice cream now.".

            A bystander walked by with his dog, his gaze passing right over the two now half-naked adults and the liquid pink censor, dotted with chunks of broken waffle cone. It was as if he saw nothing at all. However, the dog seemed attracted to the scene and bound towards them until the limits of the leash pulled against its neck.

            "Oh, Jolene...ugghh, that feels wonderful."

            "Please, call me Jo'," she said.

            "Get back here, c'mon, you silly puppy," the dog's owner said. "Come here, Mariette, it's not your ice cream. Let them finish it."

            Andy and Brittany sat at the table, admiring the dog, also acting as if there was no act of gratuitous public fornication. Occasionally, they licked the edge of their cones. And, for a moment, Brittany stared up at the man in the moon, eerily watching them.

            "Arrf! Arrf!" The dog was angry, almost feral, as if it sensed something that the others did not.

            "Mariette, no bark!"

            Jolene lifted her head from between Eddie's legs, where they lay atop another picnic table, "I think I've got all the ice cream off now. Terrible accident, I must say. Shall we begin?"

            Eddie nodded, a wry smile on his stout features.

            Brittany continued to idly lick her ice cream. And finally, she took a bite. And she felt nothing. It was as if someone else was stealing her sensations. However, Brittany was a clever girl. And by now, as Eddie began to scream, 'Jo!', she had a rough idea of what was going on. Joseph Tayna, the bastard, is moving people he knows around like chess pieces! I have to... fight it.

            A forceful body pushed Jolene against the iron-link fence, and it began to shake as Eddie penetrated her, slowly and tenderly. Their foreplay was over, and things began to get gravely serious. And the fence began to bend, shaking with the force of his rhythm.

            I have to fight it! Then, Brittany's arm began to jitter, and then she dropped the ice cream. Brittany's dip fell against the picnic table, and splintered into chunks of wet cone, hardened chocolate coating and gooey, melting ice cream. Brittany's dip was over.

The End

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