Brittany and AndrewMature

            The night had once been young. Now it was middle-aged, at best. And the waitress, also middle-aged, walked away from their table humming a quiet tune.

            Brittany sighed, and looked across the café table at the two men across from her. Coyly, she faced them, "What's the plan from here?"

            "Well, after we eat, we dump your sorry ass in the Soo lochs, and you pretend like it's a suicide," the man next to Andrew told her, frowning even as he said it.

            "Sounds good to me," Brittany said, smiling innocently. "I do love the water."

            "I fancy the idea of drowning myself, if I do say so!" Andrew Tayna exclaimed, with a grumble of his stomach.

            "Then it's settled."

            "Yes, Eddie, it's settled. Tomorrow morning, after a good rest in the motel, we go swimming." Andrew said, a smug look on his face.

            "With the fishies!" Brittany added, giggling incessantly on the bench beside him.

            The waitress intruded, "No, your fish and chips won't be ready just yet, but I've got your ice-waters."

            Brittany turned to the waitress, a queer grin on her young face, "Yes, the waters are awfully cold this time of year."

            The waitress frowned, as she placed three glasses on the table, "Pardon, sweetie?"

            "The water in Lake Superior, how cold do you think it is? Enough to freeze a young lady like myself?"

            "My shift ends soon, do you want me to test the water for you?" The waitress was cheery, however her knees began to tremble as if something in her rebelled against itself.

            "That would be wonderful," Brittany said. "Meet us outside the café in an hour."

            Eddie and Andy looked on, smiling uncontrollably at the concept.

            "Will do," she promised, walking away from their table with an eccentric disposition. The smell of breaded fish and fries lingered in the air of the nearly empty café.

The End

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