The Cunning Detective Eve BrooksMature

    Eve still had nothing. So far it seemed like the girl really had disappeared into thin air. She was sick of questioning the students and chasing up the various witnesses who'd attended the magic show. Hours of work with nothing to show, and Greg also seemed to have disappeared.

    He should have been finished in the girl's room by now. She'd seen a few of the rooms and they weren't so big it would take hours to search them.

    One kid though, had caught her eye. He'd been hanging around almost the whole time. A scrawny, underdeveloped kid with a thin face and dirty-blond hair all messed up on his head. Either it was some new style or he'd been running his hands through it unconsciously. Nerves maybe?

    She checked her list. She had covered the principal and a lot of the teachers and staff. Nadine had the other half of the list and Eve wondered if she was finishing up too, whether she'd actually gotten anywhere with any of them. Soon, they'd need to get back together to collate what they knew and get it typed up all neat, something she hated.

    Before all that though, she wanted a word with that kid. Greg and Nadine could chase her for a while instead. The campus was too big, that was a fact. The girl could be anywhere in it, if she was still around, and no one would have known.

    Worrying, that she still hadn't turned up. Eve had expected her to have shown up by now. Soon, if she didn't appear, the search would gear up a pace, become more serious. The parents were already frantic, and they'd be applying pressure. Thank fuck the sister seemed more level-headed, only she was the one who'd gone off with Greg. What the hell were they doing that took so long?

    She had half a mind to go up to Brittany's room herself, but the thought of her only hint of a lead changed her mind. That kid knew something, if she could find him. And if she went alone it would be hers alone; her breakthrough. Thoughts of promotion beguiled. She'd already got the name, had asked one of the other students.

    "That? Oh, that's Malcolm Larsson."

    Malcolm Larsson, she thought. You're going to tell me what you know.





The End

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