august 30th continued

So there were like twice as many of us as there were the little kids who we were to be paired up with to take on the hunt.

Well Sam....he was back in the kitchen washing his shirt and chest off from the last skit. I thought it was a great time to go get some water.

I push open the door and there's Sam, shirt off and shaking it out. Sugar was flying everywhere! I couldn't believe he'd actually done that.

"Hey!" I whispered. Ron, our preacher was outside in the dining hall preaching the message, so we had to be quiet. "You want to be my partner?"

That sounds so suggestive, but it's what I said.

"For what?" Sam asked, clueless.

"You have to have a partner for this s cavenger hunt we're taking these lil' kids on," I replied.

"Yeah, I'll be your partner," Sam said, putting his shirt back on. He smiled when he saw me watching him. Sam's a senior by the way. And very shmexy.

I love him.

So we went out quietly and joined the others. Lisa actually paied Sam with Vance for this little boy, but Sam said no, that he wanted to be my partner.

Does he like me?

So we got paired with this really quiet but awesome kid Rien (pronounced Ryan). Rien was blonde and came up to about my boobs, so it would've been awkward to hug him.

We were technically supposed to stay with our kid throughout this time, but kids are fast and like to run up trails that try to incapacitate me. -_-

There was also this puppy that I got to hold (and carry which wasn't as fun, but he was so cute!) and he was so freaking cute! I couldn't stop awwing when he was awake. And then he fell asleep! Imagine how cute a normal cute sleeping puppy is then multiply that by ten. This puppy was the bomb; he made my day.

We got these water bottles for water obviously and Sam wrote my name in his awesome grafitti lettering that he has. Did I mention that Sam is a ridiculously good artist? Yup.

It made me even happier. Let me list the awesome things Sam's done for me so far in this story, held doors for me, waited for me, given me popcorn, half a sandwich, chocolate milk and fruit roll ups (that was b4 low elements at lunch), stuck to being my partner, given me hugs, lifted me on his shoulders, caught me falling off one of the low elements courses, pulled me over a wall, pushed me on a swing, walked with me, letme wear his hat, drawn my name awesome and got me some water.

So we get to this shelter with these kids after climbing one of those big hills. Caleb tells the story of Zachias and in the background you hear Travis and Nathaniel bombing this slide made entirely out of ditch pipes (the really big ones). I wa like "I have to go do that," and when I was just about to leave (we were in the back, the only ones standing) Sam caught my arm and told me not to leave. Not yet, later and smiled. I said ok, smiled back and turned full attention to Caleb.   

These kids were really freaked out by being lead by one awesome group of teenagers so when Caleb was asking for any questions I asked- "Can we be like Jesus and include people maybe like Zachius?" and Caleb looked so relieved, it was hilarious. So while he was explaining/encouraging Sam gave me a high five and an- Nice, good job. I think I was literally glowing.

The End

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