August 30th, 2010

No lie- I had the best weekend of my entire life.

On Saturday, the 28th, I got up and arrived at my church at 11am for this church retreat. We got there arround 12 and started team building on the low elements course.

On this one challenge someone had to get on someone else's shoulders to create more space. We had to have everyone on and 2x2 wooden platform long enough to sing row row row your boat blah blah blah twice. Anyway, Sam made me get on his.

I have height and trust issues by the way. It wasn't that I didn't trust Sam to hold me up, Sam's alot stronger than you'd think he'd be, it's that I didn't trust me. See, I didn't get up very high on his shoulders because I thought it would've probably been awkward, so I was sliding down. Sam actually tried to lift me higher up, but then I totally failed by leaning way too far foward and almost making Sam do a faceplant. I was shaking the whole time.

Looking back, this is really embarrasing.

Apparently Sam kept telling me to close my legs so I wouldn't fall off but I didn't hear him. I really wanted to actually but I didn't want to, choke him or something sooo, I was sitting/perched on Sam's shoulder blades/shoulders singing row row row your boat shaking like a maniac.

I was sooooo happy this weekend.

They also had this rope/cable swing hooked to two trees that I got on and Sam pushed me really high. See, that I'm not too scared of because I can jump off and land in a semisafe position. I have pretty good reflexes.

After all that jazz we went up to this piknik shelter close to the parking lot.

This was an area wide church retreat by the way. It was held at a Presbyterian summer camp right into Banner Elk next to Wildcat Lake. Very peaceful kind of place. I was relieved that there weren't that many bugs around.

Anyway we're practicing for this service we're putting on in September and we did one of our skits called Thirsty Dude.

It's absolutely hilarious, I'll post a link to it once someone puts it up. But Sam is this thirsty dude and his first line is "I'm so thirsty! What can quinch this most untriumphant thirst deep within my soul....dude." And the rest of us kind of appear out of no where in little groups with different drinks to try and quinch Sam's thirst.

Caleb and Angus were this crazy energy drink, Dan and Jesse were the protein shake, (those things are nasty by the way, don't try them) Daniel, Joanna and Keving were Wheat-grass tea, Zachary was milk, Alex and I were coffee, everyone was sweet tea, and then Vance and Bailey were Gatorade.

They were all funny but the sweet tea part was hilarious! Jill brought him a big cup with only like a tablespoon of tea in it and shouted-"Just add some tea to your sugar!" and dumped a whole bag of sugar into the cup.

And Sam chugged it.

Well, it wasn't really chugging. I'd call it swallowing as much as you can, choking on half of it and having the rest settle on your shirt. I felt so bad for the audience, I'm pretty sure he had to spit alot of it out so he could say his next line.

Anyway, after all that jazz, singing and worship and whatnot we were to take these kids on a scavenger hunt....

The End

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