The starting of an uneventful day

I'm drowning in a pit of sorrow.
I walk these halls seeking the chance to catch a glimpse of you.
To my surprise; No luck.
So I go home and lye in my bed and get lost in my dreams of tomorrow.

In that dream, I see me walking into corridor with rugged flooring.
I look around and see many people standing;watching;waiting.
I walk past them.But their eyes just follow me.
Half way down the corridor, a tiny faint laugh escapes the mouth of an individual watching me.
The laugh starts to infect other people in this corridor.
Soon everyone in the corridor is laughing.
Surprising enough, I start to notice they're laughing and pointing at me.
I try to run but the corridor seems to be endless.
I collapse....I roll up into a ball.
In my mind I am hoping that they'll all go away.
The corridor starts to dim.
The people dissapear.
I'm alone...I'm always alone.
I'm panting...I try to look through the darkness that is now engulphing me. But no luck.
I fall to what I assume is the ground.
I lye their hoping that I'll be back to reality once again.
Then suddenly at the side of my eye I notice a foot.
i look to the side of me and a person is there.
I sit up to further examine the individual.
I tilt my head upwards and notice its you I'm seeing.
As I watch her, the darkness begins to dissapear and i'm back in the corridor.
But she's by my side now.
Instantly I dont feel alone anymore.
Because I know your always with me.

I awake and realize its time for school.
I enter the school and notice you at your locker.
I approach you.
I signify my existence with a simple hello.
You look at me disgusted and walk away.
Now I'm back to square one.

I go home.
I lye in my bed and resume my dream where me and you can be together.

and so it resumes...

The End

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