Dirty Little Secrets

At Maverick Academy, the only travesty in history is they once ran out of caviar at lunch. With it's high scoring students and high-end Tampa Bay location, it's been a top choice school for parents everywhere. But when a mysterious person begins to blackmail seven students, things quickly turn from A+ black and white tests to students threatened to be covered in red.


Brody Reynolds was leaning against the Carson Hall sign making out with some girl he hardly knew when it happened. His sister, Summer was watching a movie with Anna Van Wyke. Cory Johnson was helping his cousin, Riley Westwood rearrange her dorm room. And Cameron DeMarcus was attempting to teach Logan Stafford how to integrate trigonemetric functions. All of them were busy doing something, in yet they all recieved a text message at the exact same time that stated: I know your secret. Of course, the seven didn't heed this warning and ignored the text. Afterall, how could this person really know their secrets?

Anna Van Wyke is the co-captain of the cheerleading team. She is always staying after practice on Thursday's to help create new cheers and dances for pep ralleys. On this specific day, the captian, who never missed a practice, was absent due to a sudden fever and stomach ache. Anna stayed after alone. She picked up the pom-poms and went to the locker room to grab her books before heading back to her dorm room. She walked to her own athletic locker, but found it broken into. She opened it slowly and covered her mouth with her right hand. Inside the locker, her secret was written in her pink Chanel lipstick. 

Anna wasn't the only one who had this strange event happen to her. Logan Stafford wasn't exactly someone who had a normal routine, but he did love his car with all his heart. His father had finally given in and had bought him a decked out Mustang to drive around while he was in Tampa for school. Logan consistently bought weed every Friday afternoon from a kid named David who lived in North Tampa. Logan walked out to his car to find it unlocked. Logan found this a bit weird and immediately began sifting through his belongings in the car to see if anything was missing. Everything was there, even his new Coach wallet he had just gotten. He calmed himself and shrugged off what had happened. Maybe he forgot to lock his car. He opened his wallet to see how much money he had for David, but along side his money he found a folded piece of printing paper. He froze when he read his own secret, something he was sure no one knew.

Brody Reynolds was known to be a manwhore. He was the guy who brought home a different girl every weekend and showed no remorse for it. He brought home a pretty blonde girl this night. With her legs wrapped around him, he carried her into his dorm room. He'd been drinking, but not nearly as much as she had. When he entered his room, he put her down on his bed and began to kiss her neck. He stood up and started to take off his shirt but was distracted by his open window. He went over to close it, but found one of his shirts drapped over the window sill. He picked it up and found that someone had used red puffy paint to spell out his secret on the front of it.

Brody's sister, Summer also had something similar happen to her. She has multiple designer bags and is always seen matching them to her outfits. She had come back from the mall when she saw her secret written out. She opened her closet to put away her new shirts and dresses when she realized that all of her light purses were not in her closet. She looked around and saw them on the other side of her bed. She was already annoyed, thinking that possibly Anna let Brody come in and play this joke on her, but she found something worse. On every purse was a few words written in black Sharpie, and together, they said what her secret was.

Cameron DeMarcus is a completely different story. As most of the school knows, Cam is Maverick Academy's star quarterback. Being a junior, he is always recieving calls from different universities about committing to them next year. He had a couple voicemails after school and began listening to them before he ran off to practice. The first one was from a tiny school in Arizona, the next was a school from the Big East, but the one after that made him drop his phone. Someone did know what he was hiding.

Of course, Riley Westwood hadn't said anything to anyone about her secret. She wasn't sure if she believed if anyone really knew what it was, but she was dead wrong. Riley was a really emotional girl. She cried even when she was happy. She kept a diary to help her get her feelings out so they didn't come out an inappropriate times, but she never stated her secret in it just in case she ever lost it. However, when she went to write in it this time, she found her secret written neatly on the "This diary belongs to..." page.

No one is really sure how Cory Johnson got pulled into this. Anna Van Wyke's family owned the chain of hotels, Van Wyke Inn. Logan's father was a widely known chef who started the four star restaurant, VENICE. Cameron's family owned the Sharks, the Tampa basketball team. Before that, his dad was a NBA player. He decided to start his own team in Tampa and sent Cam to Maverick to be closer to him. Brody and Summer's mom was the infamous actress, Diane McAllister and their father was nonother than big Hollywood director, Shane Reynolds. Then of course, Riley's father was the founder and owner of a huge record company in Boston. Cory didn't fit into this equation. His dad lived a modest life and was an army man. His mother was just a school teacher. But, Cory was targeted also for a reason none of the others could understand.

After coming back from the Financial Aid office in the the admin building, Cory just wanted to go back to his dorm room and be away from everyone. He opened his door and flopped onto his bed. He turned over on his back and stared up at the ceiling. There, there was huge poster board with a secret he couldn't even mutter through his own breath. He pulled the poster down and looked at it in awe. He realized that all of his friends, including himself were being targeted. The question was not only by who, but why?

The End

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