Awakening to Darkness and DecayMature

          With an index finger I pull the heal of my right shoe, the one that always gets stuck when I lazily try to slip on my shoes without untying them, and the wooden heal of my shoe taps the ground loudly, 'I need new shoes', and that was the last sane thought in my head before I witnessed what could only be described as a maddening hallucination. The scene that unfolded was straight out of a pulp horror novel... The mafioso, I guess “leapt” would be a good word even though he was clinging to the ceiling, onto one of the nurses, knocking her out and flatly onto the ground, the other attempted to scream, the only response she could think to muster seeing something as fantastic as this, a tall, bulky man in a big coat, eyes glowing red, rows of teeth like fangs, and long spindly fingers ending in sharp black claws. So yes, she tried to scream, but with one deft movement, she was made silent, neck broken, she fell to the floor like a rag doll. Blood began pouring out of the girl's head,  her body quivered but alas, she was unconscious. The strange figure, who I mistook for a mere man, crouched down and turned the poor girl's head in his large, right hand and with the other, cut a slit on her head wound; hot, steaming blood began pouring out and down her expressionless face, before a single drop hit the floor, the figure raised his left hand, then turned his palm upwards as if to cup water, and he beckoned the liquid redness up and through the air, silently. He wavered his fingers like gentle waters lapping at the shore, and the blood ran over them, above them, and into his mouth. This went on until the girl was drained of the stuff, and nothing but a pallor shell of a woman was left behind. The figure stood up and seemed satisfied by his meal, he shuddered and took a step back, he pulled a match, or something, out of his coat pocket and lit it, dropped it on the drained woman and there was a flash of orange light from underneath her flesh, and she disappeared completely. He turned to the other woman, not quite dead, convulsing now and frothing at the mouth. I don't know why, but I stood up then, in a flash he turned round and faced me, his expression was of both rage and surprise; I shouted, no words came out, but all my rage seemed to follow it and make my feeble screaming grow into something fierce and unnatural. The figure reeled back in horror, his face turned white and he sprouted wings, yes wings, ripping right through his overcoat and everything else, and ran through the open doors of the hospital and out into the darkness of night, on leathery wings. I stood there for a while, trying to gather my whits, I was still clutching the plastic bag that had been holding my effects. I looked down at the other nurse who hadn't been eaten by Dracula and cleaned up by Houdini. And I dropped the bag, my unclenched hand hurt, my knuckles felt as thought they were going to burst through my skin, and my nails had dug into my palm enough to make them bleed, but only for a moment... I rushed over to her out of some vain sense that I could still save her; she was dead. I looked her over as if to find something more, but it was pointless, she had had her neck broken, and that was that. I cleared my mind of fog and realized something; I suddenly wondered why there weren't any other nurses, doctors, or anyone else around for that matter. I looked up at the large clock above the doors, 11:00 PM, not late enough to shut down a hospital, not one in this part of town, the busiest hospital in the district... I thought and remembered what that thing had done to the other nurse, 'incineration, magic I guess?' I instinctively peered around the room for any evidence. I found this to be futile save for my spotting one of those, match things, that vampire guy had used. I again looked down at the dead nurse and again found nothing particularly unusual, then, I examined the spot where her friend's body had been, there was a slight discoloration in the general shape of her body. I had an idea, and I took the magic match stick with me.

          I walked through the propped open double doors that led into the first hall of the hospital, examining the ground as I went, my right shoe's uncovered wooden heal clapping quietly as I hurried down the corridors. I was looking for any more of those light burn marks on the floors of every hallway and room I entered. Then, as I swung open the door to the cafeteria, I saw them, all of them; what once were people lying dead after their being murdered where now nothing but little, people-sized burn marks scattered everywhere, on the tables, chairs, floor... The marks looked like those left by some of those kids toys, the ones you get on the 4th; little paper bags filled with flint rocks and gun powder. The bodies almost looked like the fiend had taken the time to throw those little poppers and make a kind of morbid outline, like kids and investigators do with chalk; funny how that works. But really, I had seen what had happened with my own eyes, and after searching the entire room, kitchen, bathrooms and all, I decided to head back, there was no need to venture further into the building as there were enough burn marks in this one room to cover more than just the people working here; patients and their friends and families had been killed there too, those two nurses must have been the last ones in. Odd that they would all be in the same place at the same time, and that the cafeteria was open at all this late... I imagine it was another one of the monster's powers, like that weird noise he was making, some kind of hypnosis, tricking everyone to group together, 'Sounds like a regular buffet line...But I wonder if the nurses were under his spell too?' I thought as I again walked into reception and saw the twisted, lifeless body of the murder victim. For some reason, common sense lapsed and I thought for a moment what I should do about her, with all the other people dead and burned up, I briefly considered burning her up with the match stick like the monster had done so many times before, but opted instead to rush over to the phone on the receptionist's desk. After all, getting the law involved in this is the right thing to do, even if no one believes me. I twisted the dial, catching it each time with my next request before it could reset, I called Parker, and after 20 rings, he picked up. I didn't know where to start.

The End

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