Aven- the SpazMature

Aven was very different from the other men I have dated, different from the first day I met him.

He was utterly beautiful almost pretty, like a girl, not typically manly by any definition. He was sensitive and free-spirited, I met him at 'HUSTLE', the bar i was frequenting at the time. He was sitting alone at a very large table. I had seen him before but always with four or five other men, I took the opportunity to sit down and chat him up. He had clear blue eyes, styled dark brown hair tipped blonde and spiky (it was the eighties) . The bar was unnecessarily hot so it wasn't unusual that most of the men were shirtless on a night like this, however Aven wore a black leather jacket, white crew neck t-shirt and tight denim jeans, his seven rings spread out across four expressivly slender fingers, between two he slowly wagged a cigarette to and fro across the space between us and his silver earrings were thick and mysterious. 

He wasn't femme by any means, he was so beautiful - before it all turned ugly-
I took him back to my place just off the campus that first night, he was madly wild in bed, very attentive and passionate. I was lost in his world for a very long time we spent days together never allowing ourselves anytime apart, in the beginning he was perfect then slowly he became VERY attentive and passive aggressive. 

Nothing could keep this guy stable, he claimed I was cheating him out of a life by not being there emotionally when he throw a pot across the kitchen for allowing his socks to turn inside-out when he decided to try cleaning them in the DISHWASHER!

Surprisingly we broke up the first time over what i like to call 'the small apple incident'. Aven was the kind of guy who liked to cut his apples apart before he ate them, I understood, whatever, so I asked if he would like anything from the store and he says 'apples' -easy enough I pick up apples- I get home and there are, I shit you not, no less then fifteen apples cut up in different formations on the table. He turns to me with a delicate slice and says

"I like them cut like this".

Needless to say I tell him I'm through, he's crazy, it's the last straw hand him the bag of apples and cut off contact.

At least for the time

Honestly we dated on and off for two and half years (mostly off) it was destructive and I later found out he was mixing a very reactive combination of drugs for nervousness and ADHD, including Desoxyn a medical methamphetamine. I can't say he wasn't CRAZY without these things but he was bad for my health.

He was always the one to come back to me, He claimed he was under control and that everything would be better, he missed me and if i wasn't seeing anyone I would take him back, seriously he was that great in bed, I have never had sex like that for hours and hours. Things were always great for a while then something wold happen he would get upset and fall back into the tantrums.

It took another story about the two year mark to seal the deal for GOOD.

We are watching jeopardy and a question comes on that he thinks he knows the answer to -OK it happens- he's thinking and the lady on TV answers it first. He flies into a rage and says they didn't even give him time to say it. Thats not even the worst thing he starts flying into high gear swearing that I don't even think he's smart, that I don't think he knew the answer, and that I should go screw Pat Sajak.

 I didn't have the heart to tell him that the hosts name was Alex Trebek and Sajak is the host from Wheel of Fortune, I can't even imagine what he would have done had i tried.


The End

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