Zach- the DrinkerMature

I met Zach completely by accident; we were both standing in line to get tickets to see Miss Saigon. I had traveled from Montreal to New York City on a whim I had to see Lea Salonga before the cast went on tour, and I'm glad i did, see left the cast shortly after. Well we were both standing in line and since we had both already seen it claimed we were buying tickets for friends, we totally hit it off and ended up going to see the show that evening together and then for a few drinks after the show. A few turned into a few martinis here a few cocktails there, a weekend turning Montreal upside down and a bottle of Red Wine all over my best friend Becca's $10,000 oriental carpet.

Turns out he was a horrible nude magician and I sent him packing with a bill for dry cleaning. Where does time fly?

The End

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