the letter he left meMature

It took me a while to transcribe, I couldn't let it go. I know this is not the last peice of his mysterious life, but it is the only piece i have left. I will never read another letter that he has not already written.

His letter as promised:


Dear Ian,

If you happen to find this letter and I am not with you I may not have told you about this place.  I know you love trees, there aren't to many of them but the quite will be great for your writing. I made sure there is internet out-here and the lady assures me it shouldn't be a problem. Our neighbors are about three minutes walk down the road thats something like four city blocks i imagine we could drive if you wanted. Please don't be upset I wanted to surprise you. If I should die before you find this, God forbidding, I know you will understand that this was never for me, it was for us; You, Me and Mitzi, be happy here even without me, plant trees and build a home.

I love you.  Joe 


God I've always been so bad at secrets, call me if you find this I'll explain


I burst into tears, I will never hear his voice again but through his letter I hear crystal clear the resonance of his words. I know what to do.

The End

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