The WillMature

I found out today even after all these years Joe was still a mystery.

I finally had the nerve to call Dorothy, Joe's mother, I haven't had the courage to hear his Will. She set up an appointment with Joe's lawyer friend this morning, she wanted his family to be there too, I just got back.

He left me everything: the house, two cars, three Yorkshire Terriers, multiple intelligent investments, a million dollar Life insurance policy, and a will to disperse it as I saw fit. There were family members I had never met at the reading and no one objected to this will, I wept openly. I continue now through tears to write that for the first time our love was validated. His family embraced my loss with open arms. If you’ve seen Joe’s mom you’ll know those are extraordinary arms to be embraced by. In his will there was a statement that "the cottage I leave to my Partner Ian and our dearly departed Mitzi”. Mitzi was our first puppy, she loved Joe more than I did - she had the spirit of a stallion- but sadly like all my loves three years ago Mitzi gave in to a brain tumor and died.

I have to call tomorrow about this cottage.

The End

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