to joe: my dedicationMature

It was with Joe I have decided to begin my tale of unbelievably ultimate deprivation because he was the one, my best friend and partner of  seven beautiful years. Joe past away quite quickly in his sleep, it wasn't AIDS! though truthfully I am surprised we survived that scare. It has been six weeks I can't sleep, I hadn't eaten, I miss him so much. He was my partner in life and in death my true soulmate. I feel as though I am betraying him writing this but I know of all the CRAP i've written he never read, that this CRAP is for him... I sit here before my replacement love, the letters forming seamlessly into words, my thoughts flow through fingers and into the world wide web. Though his burial was weeks ago I am still unable to let him go. I dedicate these, my stories of farming through the dirt - I guess there's no looking back now- to the man who planted his garden amongst its soiled past.

to joe: my dedication

The End

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