Joe- The MysteryMature

Have you ever caught yourself staring? -at someone, anyone, that who for no other reason than the fact he touched his ear or laughed to himself, this caught your eye? Glanced back in an attempt to catch the eye of a passerby, who if met in person would never be a possibility? No possible physical attraction, wondering what it was that drew your attention? The methodic boredom of your life was interrupted so abruptly and now could never find its course again. A man, a five at best, quite average in its own right and averagely boring yet, mysterious, yes that’s it mysterious?

Well that man standing there touching his ear, or passing you on the street with the look to blend in, that there is Joe. The mystery of Joe is that even though Joe has nothing particularly fond about him, locked in his look his eyes tell no story and his breath tells no tales. He is unknowingly that Mystery. I met Joe on the Trans-Siberian Railway, a 10-day trip across a beautiful country. He walked with a slight swagger, and not even the sexy kind, he had longish shaggy blondish hair and smile that set the whole stream astray. I loved him the moment he sauntered by my seat (the third time he tells me) I sat just as now with a laptop on my knees and ogled a man with no visible attraction. I mean I normally went for men with at least a seven-inch personality and assets to match. Joe was different he was quiet and taught university level history.

I guess not so much dirt

The End

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