Dirt FarmMature

IAN the DIRT FARMER: an intro

If you were to ask me before this all happened what it takes to be a dirt farmer, I would have told you my story in four steps:

STEP 1: Spend the greater part of an adult life digging through the dirt that calls itself the dating pool.

STEP 2:  Rack up as many of the weary and depraved of our society you can possibly fit into a desperate yet increasingly growing heart.

STEP 3: Allow all intimate encounters to seed a ray of hope that the bottom dwellers of every walk of life could possibly be descent, allowing you to give up all hope of TRUE LOVE.

STEP 4: Dedication to the HOE is VITAL.. Oh PLAY SAFE and HAVE FUN!!!


My name is Ian Darling I unwillingly became that man and at “an undisclosed age” I now may have just realized… I had it wrong this entire time.

The End

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