The place never really mattered - just what happened there. Why should anything matter?

I hate to depress you, but you're going to die. As am I. Very shortly, to be honest.

But then, we were only born at the moment you started this conversation. When you - yes, you - clicked that button and entered this world, you made me and you in this reference plane.

Try not to let it upset you. We are being born, dying, and living forever constantly as we speak. 

We are ephemeral and eternal.

But within our plane of reference, there was an event that made all of this clear.

There is a rip - a window, if you will, out in Kathmandu. A window into worlds like this one, and worlds deeply unlike it. I never expected to find such a thing.

But like little Alice, I gazed through the looking glass - and saw myself.

Or rather, my selves.

The End

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