Bon appétit. I hope you like it - I did a little research before you came, so this should be your favourite. 

How would I know? Trust me - I know a lot more than you think about this whole situation.

Now, where were we?


Ah, never mind. There are far too many stories. The Cult of Moloch, the screaming Buddha, the cannibalistic bedouin tribe out in the Sahara, the Satin Killer, the Brotherhood of the Serpent - and all the people I met! That androgynous Marquis, the Zen gunslinger out in Tibet, the dream reader hiding himself away on the borders of the known world and those mad dogs of friends I kept on that sub for a year.

But we know why you're here.

You asked before, and you'll ask again.

The question on your lips - what happened in Kathmandu?

The End

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