Room With A ViewMature

There is a very good reason that Paris was dubbed "la ville-lumière".
A leading force in the ever-benefiting Enlightenment and shining beacon of culture, fashion...
I'm monologuing again.

It was nightfall, and I was staying in the Eiffel Villa Garibaldi, looking out at the shimmering mirage of a city that lay before my eyes.
Before me stood the Eiffel Tower in all its glory, despite the cries of the artist-champions of the city - said cries now lost to the sands of time.

Again, I digress.
The Tower merely adds flavour - it has precious little to do with the actual task I was given.
To explain that, we must move forwards in time by about thirty-four minutes, when the call came through.
It was a simple message, all too clear.

"Baal has risen."

The Cult of Baal - or Moloch, if you wish - has been around for years now. At the end of April, this group have a particular proclivity towards human sacrifice to try and "appease their god".
I have never believed in gods, but if one showed up and demanded the life of a fellow man, the divinity concerned would regret asking.

Under orders of Her Highness, I was sent to deal with a sect of this foul army whose data had been intercepted, revealing a plan to perform a sacrifice within the Crypt of the Sepulchral Lamp, 20 metres below the glowing streets.
I was determined to stop them at any cost...

Sorry - you've got something on your chin - here, a napkin for you.

The End

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