Dedicated to those whom without my life would far worse for not having met them - I thank you.

You all know the origin story.

Born of a genius mother and a self-made father, supposedly too weak and feeble to survive the night before making a dramatic recovery.
Raised by my family to cultivate my talents and prepare me for the world, from intellectual boosts courtesy of Madre and Dad's lessons on hard work to my grandfather's lectures on manners and decorum and my grandmother's stories of adventure across the globe.
Began to develop musculature and moral awareness after getting my hands on a few dusty old Charles Atlas manuals and Doc Savage novels. Sympathised with Hugo Danner, wanted to be Superman. 

Again, you know all this.
You know exactly who I am.

You're looking healthy, by the way. Would you like tea? Coffee? Here, take a seat and get comfortable. 

Where was I? Ah, the origin. I'll admit I say it like I'm some kind of superhero.
It is a little narcissistic, yes.

Do you want sugar with that, by the way? Okay.

So I know you're not here for the origin. Or at least, not the clear cut version. 
You want more, don't you - what happened in between, and what led to that little... incident.

So, let's get started...

The End

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