A long time ago the dragon species was thriving upon the land north of here. Each season was enjoyed as much as the last. That was until one season in the winter. The cellars were full. The species was going to be able to survive the harsh weather easily. The snowdrops landed in the nearby lake as the birds and nearby creatures started to hibernate. The day was an ordinary one, cold, wet and yet something terrible was about to happen. Then it occured. The trees lost it’s leaves as quick as the blizzard arrived. Many dragons fled but the more unfortunate youngsters froze to death. Any other dragons that escaped only had the mountains to flee to which were also affected by the terrential weather. The weather was known to have been caused by a mystical ice dragon called Narcoska. During the disaster Narcoska ventured into the dragon territory and discovered the only remaining creature to be a dragon egg. The ice dragon determined that due to the weather the egg would not hatch so he left it unguarded and flew off happy with his work.Little did he know that soon after he departed, the egg hatched. From it an equally mythical creature was born. A dragon had been hatched but it was no ordinary dragon, it was a Laryur. A dragon so powerful that it was able to breathe not only fire but water and ice. These rare creatures are also known to have an extraordinary intelligence and thus the newly hatched dragon decided to freeze himself with his devastating breath.



Several years later and many a season, the frozen creature emerged from its cave, Only the footsteps could be heard yet the sound was only noticed by the young dragon, all else was silent. Striding gallantly forwards the dragon fell off the towering spectacle and into the cloudy and dark abyss below. The sight of a dragon soaring through the skies would have taken the breath away of any dragon. The young but wise youngster thought it best to find shelter and start to develop the race once again so he decided to create new eggs, another ability the Laryur species could use. Therefore, after building up the race, the dragons built a vast structure, a monumental acheivement called Decarli! It is said that the creator and founder of Decarli has engraved his name in our building somewhere...

The End

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