The footsteps of a creature glided through the halls of Decarli as the wise and aged dragon slipped past the stone faces of his ancestors. The old dragon, slow but very wise, stopped in his track and called out ' Master Barlis, what is it that you want?' Stunned as to how the aged dragon knew he was there, he replied, ' I sense something terrible, what i cannot tell; i am young but i feel it in the earth. Tell me Elder Lurca, what do you sense?' Lurca sighed and continued to walk straight on and then, he stopped in front of the huge steel door, 'I may be old but i too can feel it, just you wait master Barlis and you will know what to do. You are young my child but you are as wise as could be. Be patient my friend, wait.' At that moment, the dragon elder departed from the halls of Decarli and an almighty gust of wind was heard as the old dragon elder flew off into his bedchamber.



Several nights later master Barlis was sleeping deeply when he was told in a dream to talk with Elder Lurca. So the following night, Barlis approached the door of Master Lurca. As the young dragon entered Lurca mumbled a phrase in the ancient language to close his door. Lurca instructed Barlis to light a fire, a simple task for a dragon as skilled as the youngster. As Barlis approached the fireplace he became uncertain of what to do. He knew how to light it yet he could not breathe fire, instead a high pitched cough was heard throughout Decarli. ‘Just as I suspected.' Lurca’s face clouded over as he thought long and hard over the situation. Then he spoke. Lurca related to Barlis how he had lost his fire breath and he had also noticed young dragons not playing and toying with their breath. He then decided to tell an ancient story never heard in Decarli by any beast to Barlis, one event that devastated the dragon species forever. That was the moment when Barlis found out who the secretive and ancient master Lurca really is, and was.

The End

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