Dimming Flames

Dragons here are bold

Lurca will say

Death comes from the cold

We'll see one day

Travel with me

to hear a tale of Decarli.

Hello, my children, welcome, now listen tight. Come to Decarli and hear a tale of long ago, a tale that will shiver your spines and will help you to become who you were born to be. Listen now and enter the mind of an ancient dragon. Written by Lurca the wise, breathe of all, through his words see the trouble then that we will never see in a flight. Sit here young ones and hear the fire crackle and the birds sing as i tell you about when our dragon species had it's fire almost out and it's flame dimming rapidly. Tonight you will hear the tale of the Dimming Flames by Lurca, the founder of Decarli.

The End

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