Dimly Lit RegretMature

You can't tease yourself by ordering pizza whenever you are being fed through a tube. You can only accept your liquid nutrition and block images of food from your mind in hopes that, eventually, you won't even believe in it anymore.

Familiar features are accented 

by the light of a neglected television.

Mingled bodies claim one another

with envious eyes and indulging lips.

Hands rediscover skin

that has long been missed.

A joker's smile dances wildly on his face

without the knowledge that 

everything will fall that has been restored.

An organ throbs.

Downward facing palms

force shoulders to collapse.

Empty propositions are made,

but we will compromise

with blotchy memories and broken barriers.

Every detail will be saved,

but none of them will sustain us.

The End

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