You're Going DownMature


"Uhm, Soren maybe now is not the best time to insult the BIG alien dude." I looked to Lorex for some back up he just nodded in agreement with Sanja. Typical guess I will show this guy he can't go around doing whatever and get away with it.

"As I was about t.." I hit the bastard rate in the gut. He didn't make a move but I knew I got him by the fact he wasn't speaking anymore.

Before I could anticipate this guys next move I was flying across the room completely winded, but I started to feel the same way i felt when I was fighting those things back on earth. I hit the ground sliding the strange green energy swirling around my fingertips.

" Are you some kinda idiot? Attacking me not even knowing what i'm capable of?" Argzoth said coldly. I really hate this guy and I will take him down.

"No I'm notan idiot, arrogant like you, but not an idiot." I say slowly before running forwards. As I ran forwards I noticed that commander Argzoth also had the green energy swirling around his fists. I stopped just barely within his reach, and jumped narrowly missing his punch I kicked down at his head making his face hit the ground hard. I then felt pretty accomplished.

"Thanks for the support guys." I muttered , now disinterested in fighting.

"You Insolent little..."  His voice is stopped by the sounds of some else entering the room.

"Problems commander?" A femine voice says picking the sorry excuse for a commander off the floor.

"No Ma'am, I have yet to sure my true power on this insolent."

"Shut it commander, your personality does tend to piss people off, the recruit will not be punished, but rather commended for his bravery."

"Ma'am you cannot be.."

" I said shut it commander, and I do not doubt your skill you were simply as you would put it "not on gaurd". Now all three of you I think it would be better if you we were to get you proper accomodations, and a meal before we talk about anything else."

"Now thats some better treatment I reply turning around to see this girl that scared the shit out of  macho commander here."

The End

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