Couple of hours ago, i was at a water park, an hour outside of the town i had grown up in my whole life, trying to impress a girl with my lack of muscle and bit of chub, now im stuck in a white domish room, wearing tight black cargo pants, a tight white shirt with some strange insignia that looked like a portal, and what seemed to be a gun holster by my right hip. To say the least, i was freaking the fuck out. Atleast they let me keep my green skater shoes, i needed that little peice of familiarity. 

 In the middle of my rambling about how fucking freaked out i was, how my dreams were right, and that stuff, and  Sanja joking around, and soren just standing there trying to take all this in, a doorway seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and a strange man wearing pretty much the same uniform as us, exept a large army looking overcoat, walked into the room. He was extreamly tall, had to be almoust 7 feet. Other then that he looked human, just like the three of us.

 "Welcome to the Dimensional Traveler Corps, Or DTC,  new recruits! I am Commander Argzoth, and you three were chosen from your home dimension, as you were the only three not dead after the Demonic Intrusion"

 I blinked a few times, trying to take everything he just said in. I tried to hide the idea that everyone i knew and loved was dead, and i was just enlisted into some strange army that sounded a lot like somthing out of a DC comic. Soren, on the other hand, seemed to be doing a worse job of it, as he seemed about ready to rip the commanders head off.

  "I dont give a FUCK who you are, or whatever you just said, how DARE you take me away to this fucking army base, slap a fucking uniform on me, and say 'WOOPTY DOO PRIVATE YOUR IN THIS UNIVERSES ARMY'" Yelled Soren, getting up in Commander Commander Argzoth's face.

 Evidently Argzoth didn't like this too much, as he grabbed Soren by the neck and threw him to the ground.

 "Uhm, Soren" whimpered Sanja a little "maybe its not the BEST idea to insult the giant alien dude"

     I nodded in agreement. As much as i somewhat agreed with Soren, now was not the time for hostility. This man seemed like he could break my neck if he so wanted to. And i definetly wasn't looking for a fight.


The End

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