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It wasn't until  the earth below our feet burst open, letting hundreds of hideous beasts spill from the slash through our world and sending us crashing backwards to the ground that I realized I wasn't imagining things, that maybe Lorex wasn't crazy. Eyes wide, I stared in shock and disbelief at the scene unfolding in front of us. I swear my heart stopped right there. It didn't take long to kickstart again, beating frantic adrenaline through my veins as one of those monsters, those decaying demons walked right up and plucked Soren off the ground. I launched myself to my feet, but before I could make another move a pair of mangy, disgusting arms wrapped around my torso.

Letting out a startled and enraged screech, I squeezed my eyes closed and sent a few hard, erratic jabs and kicks at the body behind me. When I hit a sensitive spot, it let go for a moment, just barely long enough for me to run a few steps away and spin around, closing my eyes again. I tried my hardest to imagine I wasn't there, and when I opened my eyes, it seemed I'd convinced the demon more than myself. Despite the screaming and beyond hectic surroundings that resembled what I'd call hell on Earth, the rotting beast in front of me was just standing there, looking around stupidly, like it no longer knew where it was.

Raising a brow, I backed away and let my eyes wander momentarily. Since everyone else, human and demon alike, seemed to be otherwise occupied, I spun in a circle in search of the guys. Right as I found Soren, standing by a wall in some strange new get up as I questioned my sanity, I was hit in the side, hard. Falling to the ground, I clutched my side and winced; that's gonna bruise...

Eyes wide with fear and shock, and barely able to breathe, I rolled to the side as quick as I could to dodge the grotesque hands reaching for me. I stopped thinking, and acted on instinct, my body rushing of it's own accord to escape the clutches of the demons that seemed to have suddenly noticed my existence. Scrambling to my feet, I ran in a choppy, twisted line towards my friend; who knows what I was hoping for if I got there. I didn't find out. When I was a few feet from him, two hideous creatures launched themselves at me simultaneously, and when I jumped over one, time seemed to slow down as I looked over just in time to see a fist that glowed redder than my hair swing at my face.

I could taste the sickeningly sweet, metallic blood in my mouth, and it was all I could hope for that it was my own. Then my body went numb and I felt a strange surge of energy around me, but I blacked out before I could find out what had happened.


When I opened my eyes, I was nearly blinded by all the white. I thought maybe I was dreaming again, and wondered where my paints were. Then I saw Soren and Lorex, both dressed in strange clothing. Cocking my head to the side, I wondered what they were doing here, because they were never in that dream before. After a few seconds that could have been minutes that might have been hours, it all came flooding back to me. The water park, the shadow, the darkness, the demons...

Eyes wide, I stared at Lorex, silently pleading for him to explain. If any of us knew what was going on, it'd be him. He was, after all, the one that had those dreams. I hoped to whatever higher power there might be that there was a logical explanation. Maybe it was all just a dream. A dream that we all had, that led us to the same place in reality? Come on Sanja. Maybe I was still dreaming. No. This is all too real. Maybe we were being pranked by geniuses. Yes. Of course.

Then my ears started working again, and like what often happened, I came down from my thoughts in a rush. Lorex was speaking frantically, his words stumbling over themselves in incomprehensible babble that even I could not understand. Rolling my eyes, I sighed, "Calm down, Lorex." He stopped abruptly, just long enough for the fear etched onto his face to twist, adding a look that clearly told me I was crazy before he continued on even more hurriedly.

Only a few words of his ranting got through to my brain, and what I did hear was so absurd that I couldn't keep myself from shaking with laughter. "Or we've been abducted by aliens," I joked, smirking at him. His eyes widened. "Maybe we've been drug into the depths of Hell!" I added on, full of my usual sarcasm as I waggled my brows at him. The thought diverted my attention, though, and I looked around again, this time paying more attention to details. Details such as the fact that there was no door in sight. I have to admit, that got to me. It did make for some interesting design, though.

I was about to ask Soren, who was standing around looking like he thought he could get us out of here, if he saw an entrance, or rather an exit, when I heard something behind me. Well, more like someone, coming in and joining our little mystified gathering. My brow furrowed and I froze, almost afraid to look behind me in search of answers, mostly because of what those answers might be. Good grief, my mind was starting to sound like Lorex.

The End

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