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So its the end of school. Great but to me its been feeling like that for a while cause I have been doing what I want when I want. Also plus I still have high grades which pisses good ol Lorex off. By the way I don't do it just to piss him off its a just a side effect which offers satisfaction.  As we wondered about I could see that Lorex was slightly uncomfortable. Walking in his pale arsed skin with no shirt on around with Sanja. I had guessed long ago he wanted to be more with Sanja but she only liked him as a brother or some BS like that. So he did what he could to impress, unfortunately like most average people he didn't have a very impressive body.

I would usually have to say the same for myself but with the skipping I had been doing I was using that time to build a nice muscled body, and now I can look in the mirror and go "Damn I look sexy!"

Then Lorex stopped and looked at his shadow as if it was some strange thing, or like he had never seen it before. Normally this type of behaviour would make me want to tease him but lately he has been having these strange arsed dreams which he told me about which I teased him a lot about already so I let it go. But as soon as I turned around I had my own experience with shadow's. The sun was behind us yet this slide ahead of us was casting a shadow towards us with no light source behind it.

" Yo Lorex check this out." I say with little care. He walks towards me and I point at the ground, he lets out a gasp of air as Sanja looks at it and goes.

"What an interesting art concept I wonder how this could have happened? Maybe its a deliberate trick?"

"Perhaps." He said about to continue walking when he we all saw the shadow grow," But its growing!"

 I took a step back feeling something weird around me as the air instantly began to chill to below zero temperatures causing all of us to shiver uncontrollably."

"What the hell is going on?" I said doing my best to keep my own cool but that was hard because I freezing to death and strange crap was happening that I couldn't explain logically. In about a kilometers distance A dark wall began to grow shrouding the sun in darkness and plunging us into an eary pitch black darkness.

"Alright I admit this is strange." Sanja finally says sounding more normal then both Lorex and I put together. So I decided that I had to sound the most un freaked out.

"We need to find some clothing I flipping freezing and also some light would be nice." I say.  As the ground begins to shake, and people begin to scream louder then they were when the darkness consume all the light.

"We should get out of here now." Lorex said.

"I would rather not move when I can't see anything an inch from my face with retarded screaming 14 year old girls scared of the dark." I said. Just as the lights came on conveniently on street lamps on either side of the walkways of the theme park.  With the lights on I saw something not of this world. As the ground below us began to crack and grow grotesque and rotting arms.  I couldn't even respond to the fear that was stuck in my chest when the ground exploded with hundreds of what only can be described as demons. We all flew backwards hitting the ground stunned, and staring in disbelief and wondering how we had landed on such a nightmare.

A dark demon with glowing orange lines around his rotting body began walking towards us each step  he took I could feel a fear that was stabbing me through the chest, I felt like I was going to explode with fear.  The demon stopped and picked me off the ground. Sniffing me like it was some sort of dog. The fear that had been clogged in my chest suddenly cracked, and I found myself falling to the ground as the demon which had easily picked me up like I was a trivial piece of garbage. Was now stumbling backward from a kick that I come from my leg.  I landed on my two legs, hearing my heart beating pumping adrenaline through my body. Reality came into focus, I felt stronger, and I could feel some odd feelings around my finger tips. The demon regained its balance and now was super pissed as flames exploded out of the orange lines that wrapped around its body.  It charged and went for a punch. I dodged then punched its massive abdomen, i could feel warm air blast from its mouth from the force of my hit. Feeling fairly accomplished I drop kicked the mofo onto its back. Then realized my resistance was bringing on the attention of other demons.

"Oh crap." I said as a blast of some sort of glowy ball sent me crashing onto a wall, crushing what ever air inside of my lungs out.

The pressure continued, my sight was blinded by pain, and any minute I would pass out or worse die, or perhaps just wake up from this nightmare. The pressure began to lift as a force emanating from my own body pushed the glowy thing off me. I looked down to see i was wearing a black and silver trench coat and this strange green energy was swirling around me, along with various other articles of awesome looking clothing. One thing popped in my head and I understood I am a Dimensional traveller!

The End

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