Dimensional TravelersMature

3 Teens who figure out that they are part of a group called the Dimentional Travelers go on amazing adventures


Summer Vacation was starting, the sun was shining brightly, and as is expected, collage students were running wild, finally free from the chain that is getting their collage degree. 3 of which, me and my friend's, Soren, and Sanja, were probably one of the weirdest, but well working friendships out there. All three of us were taking English, though I was the only one Majoring in it, Sanja was majoring in Art, so as expected she was a bit of an outspoken and sarcastic girl. Soren, on the other hand, was taking Bio and still minoring in English, after this he was planning on getting his teaching degree, so he could teach some sort of weird class on the scientific method behind Frankenstein or something like that. He was a great guy, though he was a little bit cocky, always skipping classes, which i didn't exactly approve of.


I planned on becoming a writer one day, which is why i was taking English, i wanted to write a novel based off of the dreams i had been having lately, weird dreams with a shadow absorbing me. I couldn't exactly explain them to anyone except for Sanja and Soren, who both thought i was just a touch insane.


Today we decided that since it was just the beginning of summer, we should set off the Summer with a great start, and go to the Theme Park that was in the other Side of town. Now, i hadn't ever been there before, but it was mostly a water park, and this scared me because it meant i had to be in a swim suit. I did NOT like swim suits at all, it meant i had to show off what little muscle i had going for me in my upper body, i guess you could say i had acute Self Esteem issues. But it wasn't so much everyone else seeing me, as much as it was Sanja. I guess you could say i kinda liked the girl, i don't think i would date her, mostly because I'm pretty sure she thought of me as a brother, but it still bothered me slightly.


When we got there, for some reason the lines weren't as full as they usually where, only a few hundred people, most of which were teenagers that i recognized. As we got there i noticed my shadow looked awfully bigger then usual. I just shrugged it off and when in. That’s when Soren started to notice something strange.

The End

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