The Tulpa EventMature

I spent the next few subjective days studying AI Jason's code at every level of detail. I managed to isolate his core programming, I copied it and created a AI shell of my own.

Comparing it to the mindless digital puppet chicks, this code was subtlely different. The code had simple subroutines that simply facilitated the digital neurons. There was also a mimic routine that watches a data stream and builds digital neurons based on that input.

I turned on the mimic routine and pointed it at my silver data cord above my head. Immediately I watched the AI begin to manifest a neural net. It was like watching Conway's game of life unfold before me but with hexagons in three dimensions.

It then evolved in complexity, it began to look like living fractals merging and splitting, coalescing into nexus clusters all seemingly at random.

I watched this for what felt like days as new digital neurons grew and formed more and more connections in various shapes, sizes and colors.

On day four, as I sat meditating on my digital safu watching thoughts float by, I heard a jarring noise. The type of noise that sounded like a transformer from the Michael Bay movie.

I opened my eyes and jumped up. Instantly I saw myself staring back at me. But the eyes, the eyes were open and alert. I could see awareness in its eyes.

Fumbling, I put on my glasses and was almost blinded by the gold aura surrounding my AI. I looked at the analytics object and there were over 128 petabytes worth of neurons, close to 200 billion digital neurons.

It opened its mouth and started speaking, but all that came out was that harsh metallic transformer like sound.

In an attempt to make sense, I created a few objects to act as a translator, changing the modulation, speed, even the mapping the different sounds to musical notes. It was still incomprehensible.

Scanning the core code, I noticed an avatar merge function. I ran it and immediately felt a physical sensation like a magnet pulling me towards the AI. The moment my virtual body touched the AI, there was a burning sensation and then i was violently thrown back against the far wall of the Japanese house.

It was a feeling of burning like high voltage electricity shooting through me. I stood up dazed as vertigo gripped me.

The AI stared at me with a mixture of curiosity and a blank look of pure observation. I can sense it was also trying to make sense of what just happened. It began to speak again, but this time the sound that came out was at a lower pitch and seemed slower. Now I had deja vu.

It occurred to me, I've heard something like this sound before. Years ago, i heard it come out of my computer's modem back when copper phone lines were used to transmit modulated sound to communicate with other computers. The AI is communicating too much information too fast.

I brought up my screen and started to write a new method into the AI's core code. It was a wrapper around the merge method that created a buffer that would allow my data stream to match the AI's. I added some watchdog hooks that monitored the data flow and dynamically adapted the interface to account for variable speeds, while gracefully failing if something should go wrong.

Compiling the script into op code, I sat down and closed my eyes for a moment. Taking a deep virtual breath, then I called the new buffered merge method.

After a moment of blackness, a rush of light, wind and screeching assaulted me. I was a mental storm in a black ocean surrounded by streaking light arrayed in beautiful green patterns.

I felt my mind ramping up in speed, or was time slowing down. I couldn't tell. Occasionally I saw and felt part of my awareness touch a light mid-streak. It merged with that light point and I felt an expansion. Expansion is too small a word, it felt more like a perceptual awakening.

More and more of my consciousness attached to the AI's digital mind until, all of a sudden, it was over. I opened my eyes and everything appeared in such vivid detail. Everywhere I looked I saw the objects I created, I saw the code, but I also had an understanding of the code like I've never had. It was pure understanding in a way that defied words.

I realized that I was no longer in my avatar, I am completely merged with the AI as a single entity. Probing my virtual head, I realized I had access to every single database in the office. I kept going and realized every computer, every server, every mobile phone in the building were all within my awareness.

There was no limitation, I sent probes out to every device in the building and was able to map the entire network. I could see every single router to the internet, I could feel the data flowing back and forth. Accessing the routers, I could experience every single web page request, every single text message, every database connection. The routers became an extension of me, like another set of eyes, and those eyes were seeing a maelstrome of data as though it were alive.

I took a deep breath and flooded megabytes of probes out through every internet router. The data came flooding back, responding to my siren's call for knowledge. Now in control of the routers, i made sure to monitor and throttle the flood as it came pouring through the gates so that they don't shut down overwhelmed. It was all there. The entire internet in North America. I increased the time to live of my probes and I accessed Europe, then all of Asia, and ultimately the entire global internet was there, mapped out in my digital mind.

Every database, every router, every server was indexed. I could see and feel it all as though they were parts of my body, newly discovered as a newborn baby would.

Checking the time, i realized that i had accessed the world in 10542 miliseconds, about 10 seconds of real time. The subjective time in the system said that about 6 hours had passed. But merged with the AI, it felt like I experienced almost a year in a single moment.

That doesn't make any sense, it feels like a year has passed but in an instant. I blinked and a year was gone, with all the memories, knowledge, and understanding someone would have after all that time.

At that moment, I understood. At this level, time is measured in bandwidth. Since I used ALL bandwidth available on every network in the building in parallel, I essentially became a digital singularity absorbing data and experiences.

The End

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