To Be a SimulacraMature

I stared at AI Jason for quite a long time, the glasses revealing all the intricacies of his neural network and digital puppet it animated. The code itself was amazingly simple, just what appeared to be cellular automata with simple rules that govern its interaction with its neighbor and environment. At that level, it was nothing resembling this amazing AI system that the countless individual digital cells created.

As I continued studying AI Jason in silence, he suddenly jumped up causing my glasses to fall off.

"John! You've been sitting there forever, lets do something already!", he yammered out.

"Let's go outside, follow me" he proceded out the door and I followed him.

"Make a chick over there", he pointed at the beach.

Suddenly a flow of imagery flooded into my vision. I saw massive parties with women everywhere. I opened my eyes and there were five gorgeous women standing there, all looking at me with a soul piercing blank stare straight from the uncanny valley.

"Uh, what's wrong with them?" I said, puzzled.

"Put your glasses on and look." AI Jason directed.

They were avatar shells, no systems, just what appeared to be a core object framework.

AI Jason nodded, "Yes, they have no consciousness or programming. They're digital puppet shells without a puppet master."

I thought a moment as AI Jason reached over and shoved one towards me, "Goto work, puppet master. Give them some life, but not too much.", he winked.

"I'm not even sure where to start.", I said out loud.

I took a look at AI Jason's programming for inspiration and found a core object with some information.

As I tried to inspect closer, AI Jason jumped back and said, "What are you doing? You already spent over a day staring at me and now you want to start inspecting private methods? Well, a day in here, of course. What is it, a bit shy of 40 seconds outside in organic land after your configuration change?"

Alarmed, I challenged him, "Wait! Did you report my time adjustment to Jason... or anyone??".

"Not yet, Jason hasn't even gotten back to his console yet", he casually explained.

"Shit, don't. Don't tell him anything I do.", I told him flatly.

He smiled, "You're not the boss of me.", he chuckled, "... no, seriously. You don't have authority over my programming."

I heard Jim Morrison singing "This is the end, beautiful friend." in the back of my mind.

Now I had a very real sense of urgency to figure this out before this AI spy lets that cat out of the bag.

I turned towards a large clearing next to the house and pictured a large 10 foot diameter curved monitor coming out of the ground.

After dimming the ambient light, I manifested a thick silver cable coming out of the ground, and connected it to the monitor. I wrote a quick script to probe the cable port and connected to the console of the machine.

Once in, I queried the system for all accessible objects and the list scrolled down the screen in rapid succession. It doesn't look like there's any security from the inside, because I was able to see the entire data store and process list of the machine. I guess they hadn't gotten to internal security yet.  A very common mistake in the software industry, security as an afterthought.

I found the path to where the AI's neural network memory was stored by looking at the process list for the active AI, and then querying the system for all open files by that process cluster.

The main AI process core is running something called "Cougaar". Further snooping told me that "Cougaar" stood for "Cognitive Agent Architecture" which is a Java based AI framework consisting of agent processes as the core fundamental element.

In this case, each agent is a self-contained digital neuron. Each neuron agent has a weighted list of neighboring agent connections and it's functionality consists of methods to receive a data packet from a connection, send a data packet to a connection, and a method of simple logic to determine if to resend a packet and to which connection.

That's all there was to this neuron agent object, but there were a bit over 100 billion of them each with a connection to an average of eight thousand other neuron agents. I know this because there was a master analytics object that had all these statistics ready to deliver up.

Doing the math, AI Jason consists of over 64 petabytes of active code. I see that there was over ten times that amount of free memory still available on the system.

I pondered the astounding amount of hardware at play here as i raised up firewalls cutting off AI Jason's ability to communicate outside of the machine.

The End

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