Let There Be LightMature

I was there in blackness, with no sound, no sensation, no smell. It was complete sensory deprivation. All I could sense was the white noise and dark moving visual artifacts that my brain created based on randomness in the absence of external stimulus.

I felt thankful that I practiced meditation, or i would be scared as hell. I sat down, or I think I did given the lack of sensory feedback. I sat and just remained still, simply existing for an unknown period of time.

Then, out of nowhere, I saw Seth sitting in front of me while I jumped to my feet.

“Hi John. I’m here to guide you through the machine experience.”, Seth said matter of factly.

“Wait, there’s another machine your sitting in. Are these machines connected?” I asked.

“No, I’m sitting at a computer console. This is actually my Avatar that I’ve given you to see.”, he explained.

“The virtual world, is not in the computers behind you, the world is created in your mind.” The machine reads your mind, does a crap load of processing and then feeds the results back into your mind. So you are basically a very strange loop”, he continued. “Right now you see nothing because you haven’t created anything.”

“But I see you clearly” I probed, realizing that his image is more clear and vivid than anything I’ve ever seen before.

“Like I said, I’ve given you my Avatar to see. My Avatar is stored on the servers and they are feeding this data stream to you externally. If you think about, this isn’t very different than any other reality based data stream... except i created it digitally.”, he explained in a calm, even confidant voice.

I thought about this for a bit. So my brain content is going into a computer then coming back to me with new things and I’m experiencing it as... well... as a sensory experience.

“This sounds so crazy, I don’t even know where to start here”, I said.

Seth handed me a smooth shiny light grey rock, “You’re going to need this. To create something you need to visualize it. Picture it in your mind, see every highlight, every shadow. Feel ever texture, the temperature, the smell. Hear any sound it makes when you touch it. When this picture is vivid, toss this stone behind you, wait a moment and turn around.”

It wasn’t simply to figure out what to create, but I settled on something simple, another rock. I closed my eyes and imagined a larger version of the stone in my hand. Feeling it’s smooth texture in my mind. Feeling the weight and the coolness. Then I tossed the stone behind me.

I heard a pop, but i waited a moment like Seth instructed.

Turning around, the rock I imagined was in fact there. But so were four others.

“Dude, did I just spawn these five rocks?”, trying to control my excitement.

“Yeah, we have the machine sensitivity pretty high since you’re new at this. Good Job!”, I can hear the smile on his face.

He continued, “Now you should know that you don’t need to throw the rock, or create something behind you, or even wait. That was basically all a load of crap i made you do so you can feel like there’s a grand process of doing something to create something.”

“All you need is intention and belief that something is true or real in order for it to be. Now that you see that you can create something, you probably won’t need all this ritual crap to do it again after a bit of practice.”, Seth sounded like a Zen master now.

“I’m logging out so you can practice creating and transforming this world”, he gestures around and then saluted like he used to do before heading out to class in college days, then he just disappeared with a pop.

I picked up one of the rocks and looked at how clear and vivid even that was. It appears that anything I experience here is vivid since I’m getting a direct data stream to my brain instead of using my meat bag eyes to bend light and interpret what it means. This is amazing.

I used the rock to focus my thoughts on a floor below me. I imagined soft grass below my feet and as far as can be seen in all directions. I can feel the grass, smell it’s earthy clean flavor as I breath it in. I tossed the stone and opened my eyes after hearing a pop.

Sure enough, the grass was everywhere and it was beautiful. I can feel it now on my feet, soft and spongy. I almost had a tear in my eye at the beauty all around.

I looked up and the blackness gave me a feeling like I was on some grassy moon. With that thought I jumped up test the gravity. Sure enough it was standard Earth one G.

I closed my eyes again and imagined a clear beautiful bright blue sky, I felt the warm breeze sweet with the scent of fresh grass. I imagined it then I raised my arms and gestured all around.

Opening my eyes I caught a glimpse of blue then black again. I guess I didn’t believe it hard enough, but I got a glimpse of the blue so next time it will happen.

I tried again and this time I was successful. I looked around at endless grass and blue sky so vivid, so beautiful. I imagined the warm wind blowing a little harder and it responded to my imagination.

I sat down and practiced manipulating the air. Changing its temperature, direction and even it’s density.

I noticed a very real pattern in everything I did successfully. Creation is a two step process. first I imagine what I want with as much detail as i can muster while breathing in. Then I breath while the feeling of “now”. It’s a very hard thing to put to words, but “now” is the trigger.

It’s impossible to gauge how long I’ve been creating and manipulating the digital world, but by the time I decided to sit down again I created a serene blissful environment.

The temperature was perfect with the refreshing breeze. Around a grassy clearing there was a forest as far as I can see in every direction. In the clearing I created a waterfall flowing into a clear blue sandy lake with a stream disappearing away into the forest. On the sure of the lake was a simple three room clay cottage that felt so comforting with a beautiful vista of the lake..

I sat down at the table, enjoying the most amazing green tea I’ve ever had.

In a state of complete bliss, I almost missed a flash of movement outside the doorway.

The alluring scent of vanilla passed by in the breeze as I walked out of the cottage. 

The End

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