Introduction to the MachineMature

Sarah let me into “the room” and I saw it with my own eyes. “This is a hardcore setup, how much did this cost?”, I questioned.

“The meat of it is the head set, which is basically a miniature MRI. That cost over a million. Everything else is just off the shelf components with special software written by software engineer geniuses we’ve got here.?”, she explained with overflowing excitement.

“If you could sit down at the ‘helm’, we’ll start prepping you”, she continued, “We’ve taken our analysis of your blood to calibrate the headset for you, this should allow you to control the environment with a short training cycle.”

“So the blood really was for the machine?”, I questioned.

“Yes, and for us to measure dosage of a mild disassociative to help your connection”, she bit her lip cautiously.

“So your drugging me up... wonderful. I’ve got four interviews today, will it be out of my system by then?”, I said, surprised by how little I cared that they were actually giving me some kind of drug. I guess after everything that’s happened, i could use a little digital mind trip.

“Yes, we’ll flush out your system when we’re done.” She said this while strapping me into the seat and handed me a Dixie cup of clear liquids.

I drank the vile bitter liquid while they turned on the machine.
Everything went black. 

The End

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