Train StillnessMature

Time passes like a flip book, skipping pages yet I can still see the story flowing. In my next aware moment, I realized I'm on the train back into the city. I've dressed to the nines, my briefcase full of resumes and flash drives of code samples to prove that I'm not an idiot after twelve years. My clothes are feeling a little tight as felt my abs covered in what were once McDonald’s burgers and now just visceral body fat. Of course, the voice in my head starts berating me on how I could let myself get like this... blah blah blah... on and on.  Of course this was that same voice that kept my ass planted in my sofa because going to the gym was too much work.

I took out Seth's card, and looked at the address. Metacortex was located near 42nd and 4th, near Grand Central. I stared at the brain logo and wondered what this new virtual reality gear. Certainly if you increase the resolution of the optics and add some binaural 3D sound, you could increase immersion, but only to a degree. You're still looking at pictures and listening to sound generated by a machine.

And there is the problem with our reality in general. Our brain is just interpreting signals from our senses, and it's building a multi-sensory picture based on those signals, our mental state, and our biases from memory and pre-existing neural wiring. What we think is reality, is just a simulacra our brain created to represent a best case model. Any technology based on those sensory principles are going to be even worse because it's feeding another layer of limited information to be misinterpreted or partially ignored.

My expectations low, I closed my eyes and detached into meditation 

The End

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