Digital MindMature

John is a recently unemployed programmer who is introduced to an amazing machine that brings him in touch with the virtual reality inside his mind.
While exploring the virtual world, he taps into a realty greater and more real than he ever expected.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go"

The words echoed in my head like a Buddhist gong in a cave, shaking the very essence of my daily life routine. The kind of echo that gets louder as the impact of its meaning begins to rise up into my awareness.

I vaguely heard something like "over-engineering the project" and "not enough time on testing", but those were meaningless to the larger scope of my employment death.

I can feel the zombiesque emptiness of my stare as I tried to come up with something meaningful to say, but when it comes down to it... all words just felt like a big waste of time.

"We're going to give you two weeks. I'm really sorry... I feel so bad, you're a really cool dude and everyone likes you... this is just business."

It went on and on like a never ending symphony of existential irrelevance... just words vibrating out of my ex-boss's throat. I'm sure he meant it, and I know this was a great job. But it's not mine anymore, since the moment i sat down in this cold vacant conference room with the florescent light pulsing to the beat of this monologue of forced change.

I got up and walked out of the building, leaving behind unfinished projects and daily anxieties. They aren't mine anymore.

Taking a deep breath of the chill November air, I felt an odd sense of relief... a weight was lifted. The worry about money was still two weeks away and right now I had all the time in the world to do... nothing.

Heading for the metro, I already started to forget the job. That's how I've always been, once I'm detached from something, It mentally goes away... like a vague memory that gets dimmer by the hour.

The End

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