Chapter 1

The Digital World is in need of help... again, but this time the frontier gang and frontier gang 2 isn't enough! Meanwhile, Angie and her friends end up in a digital mess. They get tangled up in saving 2 worlds! I wrote this with Louisa, so that's why you see different writing styles. I don't own digimon or pokemon.

Angie's POV
Everyone ran outside the girls and boys dorm. There were smoke and fire everywhere around me. I'm so scared that I'm frozen on the spot. My friend, Yancy looks at me with concern.
Yancy: "Angie, are you ok? Come on! The building-"
My brotherly friend, Gold takes my hand and Yancy's and run out the building with us. Once we are outside, we see the building burn down. I see bags and bags everywhere. Everyone manage to get their stuff out of the dorm, but where will we stay?!
Days Later
Black: "What the hell is this?!"
We looked at an old building. Vine and green stuff is almost all over it. The paint outside was coming off. Once we entered, there was a pond that went to the ocean to the building. In the middle, where the pond was, there was no roof. The 1st floor was deserted. Wait, THE WHOLE BUILDING WAS DESERTED! The dorm was made of marble. On every floor there were 4 public bathrooms. I entered my room. I was bunking with 4 more people. Luckily, it was Yancy, Yellow, Sapphire, and Zoey. I saw my friends, Gold, Black, Kyohei, and Calem were bunking with Red. Red is a classmate of ours. He was popular for his looks, skills, and other stuff that people say is 'hot'. The rooms had 2 doors. The 1st door was the bathroom, but I have no idea what the 2nd door is. On our side it had a lock. WHY THE HELL DO I WANT TO LOCK SOMEONE OUTSIDE?! I took our my green computer and black IPad. All my friends(Not Red) have 1. The computer was the same size as my IPad. Yellow has yellow, Sapphire has blue, Yancy has pink, Gold has orange, Black had black, and Calem, Zoey, and Kyohei has red.
During the Night
It was midnight. I needed to go to the bathroom. We still didn't see what was behind the other door. I didn't want to use my bathroom, so I went to the 2nd public restroom. I crashed into someone.
Me: "What the hell!?"
I saw gold eyes in the dark.
Me: "Gold?!"
He turned on the flashlight and all my friends were by the same bathroom. Gosh!
Me: "Really guys!"
The nodded and we went into the same bathroom. 1 bathroom and we just went inside.
Yellow: "Gosh, this new dorm creeps me out. The bathroom had a white toilet, white sink, 2 black towels, and a bathtub.
Sapphire: "Guys, go to the under sink thing and get me something to clean the toilet!"
Black: "GROSS!"
I opened the door things under the sink and hand her something. Gold was leaning on the sink and he was between the sink and the toilet, Yellow, Calem, Zoey, and Black sat on the edge of the bathtub. Yancy leaned on the wall. Kyohei and I sat on the sink. Not in the sink. I heard a screech. I looked at Gold and he was pushing the whole sink forward.
Kyohei: "What the hell, Gold?!"
Everyone looked at Gold and when he pushed the sink. Behind it was glowing. Everyone dropped everything and helped him. There was a hole in the middle of the bathroom and was glowing.
Yancy: "That's weird."
Sapphire went outside and out an out of order sign and turned off the lights and locked the door.
Calem: "Who's going into the hole?"
Yellow: "WHAT?!"
Everyone but Yellow: "SHHHHHHHHHH!"
Yellow: "I won't allow anyone to-"
I jumped inside the hole and my vision was pure white.
No 1's POV
Everyone: "Angie!"
Everyone jumped inside the hole and the sink magically covered the hole.
Louisa's POV
Man! It's so peaceful now that the Digital World is safe. Oh sorry! I didn't explain things, did I?
Well to start off, my name's Louisa Kanbara, the Warrior of Nature and I'm the leader of the second Frontier gang. All together, including the group my brother leads, there are 20 of us and 6 months ago, we all saved the Digital World from the evil 7 Great Demon Lords.
Let me introduce my teammates to you.
Takuya Kanbara is my brother, leader of the first Frontier and is the Warrior of Flames.
Zoe Orimoto is Takuya's girlfriend, one of only 2 girls in the first Frontier group and the Warrior of Wind.
Koji Minamoto is Takuya's rival, a member of the first Frontier and the Warrior of Light.
Tommy Himi is one of the youngest of the whole group, but is youngest in the first Frontier and the Warrior of Ice.
J.P Shibiyama is the oldest, a member of the first group and the Warrior of Thunder.
Koichi Kimura is Koji's long lost twin, a member of the first Frontier and the Warrior of Darkness.
Arther Mickadem is one of the new guys, but a member of the first Frontier and the Warrior of Wood.
Felicity Blackbird is a newbie, the other girl in the first Frontier and the Warrior of Water.
Rex Robinoyed is another newbie, a flirting jerk half the time and the Warrior of Metal.
Shinya Kanbara is my youngest brother, a newbie in the first group and the Warrior of Earth.
Rhys Kanbara is my younger blood brother, a member of the second Frontier and the Warrior of Harmony.
Ema Orilly is Arther's girlfriend, a member of my team and the Warrior of Peace.
Sammy Ichijouji Takaishi is the second younest of my group, very mature for her age and the Warrior of Happiness.
Lulu Smith is the youngest of my group, as cute as a button and the Warrior of Sky.
M.J Smith is Lulu's big sister, the oldest in my group and the Warrior of Kindness.
Raven Robinoyed is Rex's half sister, one of my teammates and the Warrior of Forgiveness.
Rella Ebidy is sorta Rex's girlfriend, one of the second Frontier and the Warrior of Protection.
Rhyn Lowrika is Rhys's long lost twin, a member of the second and the Warrior of Chaos.
Louise Lowrika is my long lost twin, a member of my team and the Warrior of Machines.
You see, I'll explain why we're in these different groups.
There are two types of Legendary Warrior digimon that we all turn into. Takuya's team become the 10 Legendary Warriors and my team become the 10 Peace Making Warriors.
1 year ago, Takuya, Koji, Zoe, Tommy, J.P and Koichi saved the Digital World, without Arther, Shinya, Felicity or Rex because they didn't live in Shibuya at the time and the digimon they turned into were the bad guys.
2 months ago, Takuya's mother adopted me and Rhys and we became members of the "Kanbara" family. 2 weeks after that, we started saving the two world and found our other teammates along the way, were sent back to earth for a while, where we found our other teammates, set of to the Digi-World again and found Jessica and Jamie, who were the evil Warriors of Machines and Chaos. After a while, we learned that Jessica and Jamie were really mine and Rhys's long lost twins and saved them from one of the bad guys, Myotismon. After we saved them and they turned back into Louise and Rhyn, we destroyed all the Demon Lords and Myotismon, once and for all.
Right now, everyone was chilling in Shibuya Park.
Takyua was sitting by a tree, with Zoe setting in his lap.
Koichi and Louise were watching Shinya, Lulu, Sammy and Tommy as they played in the sandbox.
Koji was leaning on a tree with his usual face on, which is a cross between a glare and a scowl.
Rella had her headphones in, ignore Rex as he flirted with her.
Raven, Rhys, Rhyn and Felicity were playing tag.
J.P and M.J were sitting on a park bench, having a conversation, most-likely about their favorite movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Arther and Ema were by a tree, while Arther was lying flat out on the ground with Ema's head resting on his chest.
And me? Well I'm just keeping an eye on everyone as I hummed my favorite song. It's called "Fireflies" by Owl City.
Suddenly, my D-tector started beeping.
I groaned.
So much for peace.
I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. It has Ophanimon's symbol on it.
"Louisa, you are needed again." She says through all the static that my D-tector is making.
I nod and take a deep breathe.
Koji's POV
Man, I sure better pull myself together if I'm ever gonna tell her.
If your wondering what I'm talking about, I'm talking about confessing to Louisa that I have a crush on her. She'll probably think it's a joke and won't get it the first time, since she is Takuya's sister after all, but I'm still gonna have to spill it.
I snap my eyes open at the sound of Louisa's scream.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked her way. She was already running off to the Kanbara household, so we ran after her. When we got there, we ignored Mrs.Kanbara asking what's going on and ran strait to Louisa'a room. She pointed her D-tector at the computer and everyone was sucked in.
We had landed in the Village of Beginnings, the place where all digimon are born or reborn and were greeted by Elecmon, the big brother of all the baby digimon here.
"Hello you guys. Why did ya stop by?" The red creature asked us.
"Ophanimon said that we were needed." Louisa told him.
Elecmon cocked his head to the side.
"Why? I don't think there's anything wrong, but some human kids did fall from the sky an hour ago." He told us.
"Where did they hand?" Louisa asked.
"Somewhere in the village. You guys'll have to look form them, since Swanmon still needs me." Elecmon told us.
Swanmon is the mother of all the baby digimon and protects them each with her body and soul.
We all nodded and spread out to look for them.
Whoever those kids are, they've just landed in a world of trouble.
Angie's POV
I kept seeing black and a figure. It didn't look human. Before I knew it, a bright light blanked my vision. My vision started to clear up. I saw bushes with eggs on them, a tree, and a swan with armor on it. WAIT, BUSHES WITH EGGS AND A SWAN THAT WEARS ARMOR!
: "Are you ok?"
What the hell?! I sat straight up. I looked at myself. I have scratches, brusies, and I'm dirty. Ok, none of this matters! Where are my friends?!
: "Excuse me, are you ok?"
I looked at the swan.
Me: "Who are you?"
: "I'm Swanmon."
Me: "I'm Angie."
Swanmon: "Do you feel fine?"
I nodded.
Me: "What are you?"
Swanmon: "I'm a digimon."
Me: "Digimon?"
Swanmon: "Yes, how about you help me some of the baby digimon?"
Me: "I guess. I've never been good with children."
Swanmon: "We are just going to walk with them."
Swanmon and I went into the tree. There were about 50 baby digimon. We took them outside and watched them play.
Me: "Swanmon, where am I?"
Swanmon: "The Village of Beginnings. Where all baby digimon are born."
A white digimon came and snuggled at my feet. I kneeled down and picked the digimon up.
Swanmon: "It seems like this digimon likes you."
Me: "Hahah, yeah."
I kept petting it. It was so cute!~ I saw something in the distant.
Me: "Swanmon, could you fly over and see what's over there?"
Swanmon: "Of course. Please watch the babies while I look."
I nodded and she flew away. I could still see her and she looked around in the air. She flew back down.
Swanmon: "There seems to be some humans, like you, knocked out by that tree. We need to go save them, but I can't leave these baby digimon."
Me: "Don't worry!~ I'll just walk over there and be back!~"
I ran towards the tree. When I got there, my friends weren't in 'perfect' condition.

The End

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