Digital Hearts - PrologueMature

The shine was unbelievable!  He didn't think that this would be here.  Diamonds!  Pure diamonds!  This was quite the find for the miner.  He couldn't help himself as he raised his pickax in glee.  It fell against the rock that covered the diamonds, breaking them away.  After a short time of chipping away at the stone, he stood back to take a break.   It shouldn't take this long to mine such precious ore, but he had been wrong before.  

Rest was over, and he prepared his pickax when he heard something.  Within the caves that made up this mine, sounds echoed.  The sound could have come from anywhere.  It sounded again.  Rattling of antlers it would seem.  The miner shrugged, and raised the pick up high.  He stopped when he realized..

Deers don't live in caves.

An arrow shot past his head, and broke a piece of rock.  A small chunk of diamond fell to the ground.  The miner ducked, and ran to a support for cover.  Of course, he forgets about the skeletons.  He sighs, and looks around the support.  There he was, that bag of bones.  His bow was pulled back, and ready.  An arrow caught the support next to his face again.  The miner hid, and waited.  Another arrow hit the support, and the miner ran for it.  He picked up the diamond, and headed for the cart to the surface.  Arrows whizzed passed his head as he went.  

As he turned the corner, another unpleasant sight appeared.  The sound of groaning accompanied by the smell of rotting flesh, zombies.  The miner didn't have time to deal with all of them.  He wielded his blade, and cut through a few to make a gap.  He rushed through to a three way fork.  Having been in a rush, he couldn't remember which way to go.  Each looked promising, and could lead him to salvation.

Two new sounds rang through the cavern.  A screeching noise that sounded like a bat, and one that sounded like some vortex.  The miner slowly looked towards one way, a pair of dark violet eyes peered back.  As soon as he saw them, he quickly looked away.  Those things are meant to be left alone.  Just don't look at them, and they won't hurt you.  He quickly looked the other direction quick enough to see a large spider leaping towards him.  He rolled to the side, and hacked at its legs.  Blood spurt from its severed limbs, and it writhed in pain.  Its pain soon ended within his steel.  The miner decided not to waste too much time, and took the path less dangerous. 

As he followed the path, he finally found it.  The cart out of the god forsaken place.  He threw his gear in before him, and gave it a little push before jumping in himself.  The motorized cart carried him through a long series of tunnels until he found the light at the end of the tunnel.  Closing his eyes to the bright sun as he came to a stop, at the entrance.  He gathered his gear, and headed home.

A wooden cabin in the forest.  Home, Sweet Home.  It was nearing nightfall as he approached.  The miner entered, dropped his gear on the floor, and fell upon the comfortable bed.  His sleep was instant, and peaceful.  That is, until he heard the hissing.  He grumbled in his sleep.  Yet another snake that prowled into his home.  More hissing.  His eyes slowly opened, and peered at an open door.  Open door!  The miner jumped out of bed, ran towards the door, and slammed it shut.  He breathed deeply, and sighed.  The miner looked up, and was pale.  A green creature that walked on four legs stood face to face with him.  It hissed at him as it came closer.  Its dead eyes stared into his.  It was too late when it expanded..


                                                                     *      *      *

A young man looked at the screen of his laptop, cursing to himself.  The screen was faded red with the text, 'You died.'  He clicked back to the main menu of the game.  It was all he could do to not weep.

"Damn it!  Why did I forget to close the bloody door?!"  he screamed.

At that moment, the man's roommate came through the door.  He was dripping wet, and a little curious.  His friend's usual gaming spree in a thunderstorm.  The many dangers he goes through.

"You do know that we may get a blackout soon, Adell.  Might as well shut it off for a bit." the roommate suggested.  Adell glared at him through shining aqua eyes.  The roomy shrugged.

"Just don't go crying to me when you get shocked or something." the roomy threw his wet clothes off, and dried himself off.  He sat on his bunk, and stared at his gaming nerd of a roommate.  

Adell didn't care.  He wanted to get those diamonds.  It took him forever to find them, he wanted them.  Every ounce of his being was telling him 'no' though.  Why was that?  It's just a little shock.  He's been shocked before.  His hand reached out for the mouse.


Lightning struck their building.  It surged through the power lines, sockets, and fried most electronics.  All except Adell's laptop, which had sent all of its charge straight through him.  This sudden discharge of electricity going through his body caused his heart to stop.  He fell forward, and smashed his face into the keyboard.  His body fell to the ground, but not before a sudden tick caused his finger to click the mouse.  The roommate screamed in horror.  His friend was dead.  Though, as his friend liked to play games, so too does life.

The roommate called nine-one-one emergency, as he tried to revive his friend.  As he tried,  his friend's game had started again.

                                                                      *     *     *

Adell groaned in pain.  His head throbbed, and it felt like it was ready to pop.  Even the light was too bright.  He couldn't see straight.  He lied down on the ground again.  It felt like grass.  Grass?  Well, maybe he was moved outside.  After he got hit by lightning?  The sound of birds called to him.  The wind blew over him.  He opened his eyes, and looked at the world around him.  Where was he?

The End

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