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A digimon RP Characters will be posted here read first post for rules

Helllo! I want to write a co-operative Digimon Story. But to do so i need other people

and if other people are writing with me i need to come up with rules! So here they are :D


1. I only want 6 other people to write with me on this one, if it gets too out of hand the plot will stop making sense as ive noticed with other roleplaying stories ive started. 

2. No God Moding! Characters die, your digimon will be hit by battle, you can't just send him in and have him just destroy everything. 

3. Don't kill off the other person's digimon or character without first consulting him/her. 

4. We're going to stick with classic-ish digimon rules, in that its a tamer/digidestined and a digimon. Digimon Frontier and X/Cross need not really apply. 

5. All digimon will start off as digi eggs and then will hatch slowly after entering, thats more of a plot thing that i shall explain later. 

6. Post a Character Bio in the comments to apply :)

Digidestined Name: 

Age: Hair Color:  Height:

Eye Color: Gender: Weight:

Personality: Nationality: 


In Training: In Training 2:

Rookie: Champion: 

Ultimate: Mega:

Defining Features: 


Signs/Digi Eggs will be given out by NPCs later, not somthing we should really know starting out. So just post your character sheet and i'l let you know :)  We shall start when we have all six digidestined picked


The End

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