The Trouble With Love Is...

It can tear you up inside,

Make you heart belive a lie...

I know it's just an old song, but in all seriousness, it's true. Sometimes... You know just sometimes... Well as my good old friend Jas says 'Why bother with love when it never lasts?!' Not only do I agree but I sympathize. Deeply. For some reason that would be unfair and unloyal to broadcast. I picture her soft gold curls lying on her kitchen floor gazing at her modern new graduated bob- But my thoughts are cut off...

Brring!!! My goddamn phone ringing. I am extremely dogged off.

"Yes?!" I snap, shocked at my tone.

"Sorry is this a bad time?" Johnny's voice crackles due to a bummer load of anti-signal.

"No i'm sorry. It's just... Well whatever. Can I help you?"

"A very formal tone you are conveying Miss Swatton" He takes a formal tone with Me!

"Yes so bum off!"  No! Don't be so bloody rude.

"Well yes. So what did you want?" I gabble, growing frustrated.


"Oh" I sigh "Then why the bloody hell did you call me?!"




I snap my phone shut and think...

Well that was awkward if nothing else...

The End

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