Sheep and stuff...

Sheepishly I turn. Mad thoughts run through my head... Who just said that?! I turn to see Camerons baby blue eyes and soft brown curls, his eyes meet mine and I go all soft and gooey like i'm talking to a new born.

"Oh, Hi Cam." My voice oozes and i'm suddenly grossed out. "Er, I mean, Hi Cameron."

I say this rather gruffly.

He stares at me his pupils widening, his eyes look full of drops in a sapphire ocean full of confusion.

"Whats up with your voice?!"

I clear my throat feeling extremely stupid. My cheeks burn and I  wildly look round for inspiration. I can't muster any lie or conjoure a distraction so...

"Um... perhaps I have a cold or flu or..." I run out of ideas and can't even confess.

He backs away, looking disgusted and I can't bear to see him that way but still. I laughed to show I was ok and skipped away to find Kathryn because she's the one who giggles about Cameron with me.

Slit, Duck and Rollox.

Grellox the bloody bell rang!!!


The End

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